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Read These Tips On Hiring A Wedding Photographer Cardiff

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We sought advice on how to choose a wedding photographer from the real experts–recently-married wedding photographers.

One of the most frequent questions recently-engaged couples face is what to consider when choosing the right wedding photographer. In the process of selecting vendors, it’s often helpful to receive advice and suggestions from couples who have recently married to help point you in the right direction. To help to the legwork for you, we talked to three recently-married photographers–Michelle Harris of M Harris Studios in Fredericksburg, Virginia, Cavin Elizabeth of Cavin Elizabeth Photography in San Diego, California, and Ashley Simmons of Ash Simmons Photography in Pensacola, Florida–who have a unique perspective on the whole process. They’re not just expert photographers, they have direct experience of the wedding planning experience.
Take a look at this insider guide for choosing the right wedding photographer from the experts.
Select your priorities.

With so many talented photographers on the market it can be difficult to find “the one” can be a challenge, even more difficult for photographers because they’re so involved in the business. But by prioritizing your top priorities then you’ll be able to less easily narrow the options. Ashley Simmons, who got married in March last year in Milton, Florida, chose Melissa Wilson of Melissa Wilson Photography to capture her micro wedding. “Seeing hundreds of photos from different photographers each day can be overwhelming , and makes picking the perfect photographer challenging,” she said. “For me I stayed with my priorities: similar to my fashion, someone I could get along with, and consistency in their work. Melissa has checked all the boxes.”

Give yourself some wiggle room to your financial budget.

When you’re thinking about how to choose a wedding photographer, establishing a budget is one of the first steps. It’s crucial to set an amount that you are able to afford on a photographer (usually couples allocate around 12-percent of their budget on photography and videography) If photography is really important to you, you should consider giving yourself some wiggle room. “I had $4,000 but wanted to spend it,” says Michelle Harris, who selected Corrin Jasinski as the wedding photographer. “I ended in spending $4,400 and I am more content than ever!”

There is no need to become an expert on photography styles.

When you’re trying to figure out what to do when choosing a wedding photographer it’s important to learn about different photographic styles. But here’s a secret straight from the professionals: If you’re an expert on documentary and. traditional portraiture, it’s good. All it matters is that you love the photographer’s work and can picture yourself in their images. When deciding on Melissa Wilson for her wedding, Ash Simmons says: “I was looking for an event photographer with an aesthetic that was similar to my own. I love the editing I do for my clients. There’s a reason I edit the way I do and I’ve always wanted to adopt an aesthetic similar to mine.”

Don’t overthink it.

It can be really easy be able to sit for many hours (or months!) checking out wedding photographer Cardiff websites and social media, and reading reviews on sites like WeddingWire. As per Cavin Elizabeth, the bride who picked Tanya Menoni of Tenth & Grace for her San Diego wedding, it isn’t that difficult. “Don’t overthink the photography search,” she says. “Find several (four to six) photographers whose work you love, make phone calls with a couple or three photographers that have a budget and choose who will make you feel at ease and confident that you’ll be thrilled with your photographs.”
Find someone who is comfortable with you.

If you (like most people) are prone to getting nervous when you are in front of the camera, finding an event photographer who helps you relax and feel secure is essential. “Even while I’m an event photographer but being on the opposite face of the lens could make anyone nervous,” says Ash. “Being able to relax and be confident in the photographer I chose was my main priority.” Contacting a photographer in person or over Zoom before booking is a requirement.

Don’t worry (too too much) over asking correct questions.

There’s been a time: You’re sitting down for your first meeting with your wedding vendor but then you forget the list of questions you planned to ask. While yes, there are certain things you ought to ask any photographer that you’re considering, you shouldn’t freak out too much if you do not know the answers to some. As long as you love their work, they’ve had positive reviews from previous clients, they’re in budget and you’re familiar with their processes, you’re likely in good shape.

“Although I might have looked at more potential photographers than most couples, I knew I shouldn’t waste my time or the photographers’ time with too many queries,” says Cavin. “You ought to get awed by the work of a certain photographer and then focus your conversation on getting know their personalities and processes. There’s no need to be any more complicated than that!”

View a full wedding gallery.

Most photographers feature their favorite photos on their websites, social media sites, and marketing materials. While it’s wonderful to see the very best of the top photographers, Michelle advises couples to always ask to see at least one photo gallery from the wedding in order to not be just viewing the amazing scenic portraits, but also seeing how each photographer captured more regular wedding moments like pictures of Grandma, guests dancing, or the cutting of the cake.

Be active with your top choices using social networking.

“I highly recommend that you read through the bios on each photographer’s site and begin following their stories on Instagram,” says Ash. “This can help you feel connected to them, even if it’s been a while since you’ve been in contact with them personally. On the day of your wedding you’ll feel as if an old acquaintance is photographing you instead of a complete stranger. The majority of photographers connect with you on social media, making it feel that they know you well. Establishing a relationship prior to the wedding day will help put everyone at ease . This will reflect on your wedding pictures.”

You can ask questions about your communication style.

While it’s important to enjoy your photographer’s work it’s even more crucial to consider how you’ll collaborate together before and during the wedding ceremony. When far in advance of the wedding do both of you get together to discuss the schedule of your wedding day? What is the information your photographer require prior to the event? Can your photographer develop a timeline to ensure everything runs smoothly? “The wedding day itself can be chaotic, and planning everything in advance of the wedding day helps make sure we capture everything the couple have spent months in planning,” says Ash.