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​The pros and cons of dog clothes

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Do we need to dress up our Pets?

There’s no one right or wrong answer so long you’re not causing harm. You are aware of your dog’s personality more than anyone else. If they’re patient and are willing to take part in a fashion show, do it! Dogs often appreciate being the center of attention. However do you know if your dog is timid or sensitive? It’s probably not the best idea.

If you decide to go for it, be sure that there aren’t any risks. For instance an item like a scarf can be too tight and the accessories could cause choke if consumed. The most important thing to bear in mind, all the time is the comfort and wellbeing of your pet. Be sure to use your best judgement in this regard.

Are there any legitimate reason to dress your pet? Yes! The cold weather is a clear one. For breeds with light or thin coats the cold and harshness of certain climates isn’t possible without a proper coat or a sweater. How cold your dog is will depend on breed, size, and age. There’s a reason that you observe Chihuahuas dressed in coats for the colder months more often than, like, Newfoundlands.

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Lighter, smaller, as well as less furry dogs are more relaxed wearing a sweater or coat. It is the same for dogs that have freshly cut hair or those that are sick or aging. The dogs that are designed to withstand cold temperatures come with an additional layer of insulating fur into. In their case excessive layers can result in overheating, which can be just as dangerous as having a cold.

Okay, but what are booties? They are more secure. Consider it, particularly in around a place with salted icy sidewalks. Not only are they frigidly cold, they’re also risky. Not sure what kind of booties to buy? We’ve got the details on all types of booties available right here.

Anxiety Vests for dogs

In addition to keeping your dog warm and cozy, clothes can help in reducing anxiety. The feeling of safety provided by a well-fitting jacket such as the Thundershirt can soothe anxious dogs. When you see a thunderstorm predicted or your community is planning a huge fireworks display, you should consider wearing an anti-anxiety vest. It could help in making sure that your dog feels comfortable and safe.

Finding the perfect Fit

Think about the materials you use. Wool is warm but it is also prone to itching. Think about walking socks for example. It’s breathable, but it doesn’t dry as quickly.
Make measurements. A dog’s clothing that is too tight or large is a major cause of discomfort for dogs. The better fitting, the better for the pet! Remember: they have to be capable of urinating in a timely manner, so make sure you take care when shopping.
Read the reviews. Pet owners look for other pet owners. If you shop online, check out what other people think about or didn’t like about the product. Testimonials are an excellent way to ensure that you’re buying the right clothes for your pet.

The most important thing to remember? If your dog would happily wear a hat to take an instant photo to entertain you (and improve the ante on your Instagram game) That’s awesome. If your dog has a valid desire to dress then go for it! When your dog seems in a state of distress or uncomfortable wearing clothes? It is better to let him go.