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Ultimate Guide To Mobile Bar Hire

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With a huge selection of mobile bars offered throughout the UK, locating the best one for your event could be a big challenge.

Nevertheless, it’s necessary you select the proper company who will give your event the extraordinary program it deserves – whether a company event, a wedding party or maybe a VIP party.

This particular guidebook covers everything you have to learn about employing a mobile bar, out of the fundamentals you have to learn to the questions you must ask.

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Issues to consider About

The Venue Size.

This’s the key starting place. The scale of the venue, the number of guests there are, just how much space is allotted for various other components of the event such as the dance floor, or the number of tables are essential for a sit down meal, and naturally the dimensions of the bar.

Our mobile bars normally have 1.5 2m increments in length and need about 1m of room behind them for all the bartenders to work.

Checking out the capability needs of the venue is generally a great idea as it is going to need to have the ability to support all of your visitors.

Just how many Guests can be found?

You are going to need to determine the number of individuals you’re wanting at your event, to compute the price of all consumables.

There is nothing much worse than operating out of stock and lacking plenty of canapes to feed your visitors.

Ask your bar supplier to suggest specific stock levels when you’re inquiring with them. Our full bar service has all stock had to cater for your visitors, but in case you are not using a complete system make certain you’ve much more than enough available to deal with demand.

Best Tip: Be generous inside your stock estimations to make certain the bar doesn’t run dry.

What’s the Event type?

Although every event requires some amount of expertise, several events need a diverse set of suppliers.

Although every single bar has to be built with a bar, the catering for marriages, company events as well as parties will differ considerably.

Each event is different and also you have to get the correct provider to suit your needs – whether you wish to impress your wedding guests in a champagne bar or even wish to wow your VIPs with a drink bar. What’s the theme, and colour scheme? Should you brand name your beer bottles, your bar or perhaps your cocktails?

Best Tip: Ensure your provider has practical experience in catering for your event type.
What Service type will you Need?

Bar with a complete Service Bar

This specific program contains bartenders, glassware, all inclusive service which includes all of the alcohol, mixers and cocktails.

This’s a one stop shop for those things event planning, which means you are able to make the execution and planning in your supplier.