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What Are Invisible Braces?

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Every day I get asked by my patients about invisible braces. They want to know if they can get the smile they desire without altering the appearance the appearance of their smiles. Invisible braces are an excellent option to straighten your teeth without sacrificing the visual appeal that your face has.

An alarming number of my patients don’t have a full understanding of the advantages that are available with invisible braces. Are you interested in learning about the advantages of using invisible braces? Read on! We will cover all the advantages of wearing invisible braces.

What are 澳門箍牙?

Invisible braces are an alternative to traditional metal braces that are totally undetectable! At our dental office we make a mold of the patient’s teeth and use that mould to create custom aligners. In the course of treatment, the patient is switched to a different set of aligners once every 2 weeks to advance the process of alignment.

The aligners are constructed of an opaque plastic-like substance that is invisible when placed over your teeth. However, in the event that anyone was looking at your teeth carefully, they may be able to see the outline of the aligners, however most people would not even know the fact that you were wearing braces!

There are many reasons you could choose Invisible Braces treatment over conventional braces. In this article we’ll provide a brief overview and outline the main advantages of Invisible Braces so that you can determine if they are the most appropriate choice.

The Top 6 Benefits of invisible braces

Invisible Braces appear better in Photos

Many people considering braces are concerned about how they’ll look. Our teeth’s appearance may create anxiety, and everyone desires their teeth to be healthy, white, and shining. With invisible braces, you don’t need to fret about how their teeth will appear like in photographs. Therefore, if wedding season is approaching you’ll be able to smile confidently with your invisible aligners.

The photos you take could look better using Invisible Braces as the aligners that cover your teeth are constructed of a glossy plastic which causes your teeth to sparkle in pictures. So, if you’ve always wanting that sparkling smile you see on TV it’s possible to get it using invisible braces.

Invisible Braces Deliver More Effective Results

With conventional braces, you can expect to wear them for approximately two years while you correct the alignment of your teeth. However, with Invisible Braces, you can greatly reduce this amount of time. The process of getting straight teeth within six months. But, each patient is different, and this process can last for a full year, or perhaps more.

Invisible braces can be more effective than traditional braces because they are replaced with a new set of aligners at least every two weeks, allowing you to move forward with your treatment. With traditional braces, you aren’t able to put them on every two weeks – your dentist would be unable to handle the volume of appointments.

Invisible Braces are Low Maintenance

Invisible braces are very low maintenance and simple to wash. Simply pop them out and leave them in a solution for oral hygiene anytime they require refreshing. Also, if you have to brush your teeth you don’t have to think about cleaning around them.

With regular braces, you must clean them carefully using precise instruments and use the softest toothbrush to clean your teeth.

You Can Eat As Normal With Invisible Braces

When you wear traditional braces can’t eat every food you typically consume. It is best to avoid stains in dishes like curry or red wine in order to keep the braces from becoming discoloured. You should also avoid any substances that are dense or sticky that could quickly become lodged in the intricate metalwork your braces.

Invisible braces mean you do not have to be careful about what you eat. The aligner can be removed and indulge in whatever you’ve been craving! Just make sure to wash your mouth following your meal, then insert the aligners back in your mouth.

Nobody Will Know You Even Have Braces

Once you have your aligners on their place, they’ll appear invisible. If anyone peeked into your mouth, they would not know you even had braces! Many adults are embarrassed by the prospect of having conventional braces because there’s a common misconception that metal braces are just for kids and teens. Invisible dental braces permit patients to straighten their teeth, without worrying about their appearance or being afraid of embarrassing themselves.

Fewer Dental Visits

When you undergo Invisible Braces treatment, you do not have to fret about fitting dental appointments in your hectic schedule. Once your dentist has stamped your teeth and created your customized aligners and you have received your aligners by mail once every two weeks. You only need to visit the dentist for checkups and to make new aligners that should include visits to the dentist every 8 to 10 weeks.

Who is Eligible for Invisible Braces?

If you’re interested in straightening your pearly whites without using traditional dental braces then it is likely that you are qualified to receive Invisible Braces. Invisible Braces are highly flexible and is able to treat a wide variety of alignment problems:

Underbites and overbites – invisible Braces has been shown to treat mild overbites as well as underbites.
Jaw alignment – If your jaw is misaligned the reason is usually due to misaligned teeth. You can utilize Invisible Braces to treat jaw problems with alignment.
Teeth straightening is possible if you make use of invisible braces to straighten your teeth.
In closing gaps – if are suffering from gaps between your teeth that aren’t closing, or you’d like closing, you are able to do so through invisible brace treatment.

There are instances where Invisible Braces isn’t the most efficient option. However, by speaking to your dentist in the area, you can determine whether you can resolve your alignment issues using Invisible Braces.