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What are the benefits of gardening?

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‘Gardening adds many years to your life and life to your years.’

Whoever came up with this particular quote was certainly on to something. Home gardens are special tranquil spaces with regenerative qualities which could work wonders when we’re stressed and under great pressure.

Activity and time in nature is great for us. Evidence clearly implies that in case we spend time in an environmentally friendly atmosphere, next we lower stress, boost mood and come away self reporting improved wellbeing. There are far more advantages whenever we garden too that we explore more in our’ five ways to health with gardens and nature’.

Why horticulture is great for mental health

There is growing evidence that horticulture may benefit the mental well being of ours, an essential factor in a moment once the NHS is stretched plus 1 in 4 adults are encountering mental illness.

Research in Sweden*, for instance, discovered that the greater number of individuals used the home gardens of theirs, the less incidents of stress they suffered.

A statement in the Mental Health Journal* cited gardening as being ready to minimize emotional stress and also boost mood, with a decrease in signs of anxiety and depression.

Gardeners themselves agree:

Out of 317 who took part in table top gardening sessions run by Thrive across South Oxfordshire, Hampshire, and Berkshire, eighty per cent reported far better mental health as an outcome, with ninety three per cent saying they’d improved their inspiration and self-confidence.
Across the pond in Philadelphia*, 144 gardeners have been requested for all the reasons they made it happen and mental health was next to recreation as the most crucial elements.

While gardens might be relaxing, they are able to additionally be instances in which our efforts lead to a genuine feeling of achievement, boosting self esteem and self-confidence.

There is likewise great evidence that simply looking at an environmentally friendly space has results on individuals mental well being, helping them unwind and also de stress.

Gardening has a lot of opportunity for individuals with defined mental health needs, offering a huge variety of choices and activities, far more so than every other kind of healing activity.

Thrive works with individuals aged from fourteen to ninety four with life long or long-term physical and mental health needs, in addition to those recovering from accidents and illness.

Our Horticultural Therapists design gardening programmes which are customized to individuals’ needs, dealing with them to establish goals which will improve their health and well being. We call the procedure social and healing horticulture (STH).

STH and related green care interventions can:

Reduce stress-related, anxiety, and depression symptoms
Relieve the symptoms of dementia, like ambitious behaviour
Boost the capability to concentrate and engage
Reduce reliance on medicine, self harming behaviour

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