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Why bike repair stations are crucial for encouraging active travel

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What’s a bicycle maintenance station?

Bike repair stations are stand alone units built with the tools individuals have to repair, tune and repair probably the most common mechanical issues with their bikes.

It’s likely to set up stations in a number of locations. They motivate and keep folks cycling.

Bike repair stations are starting to be ever more popular as increasingly more individuals find the advantages and simplicity of these facilities.
The best way to locate as well as install bike repair stations

Bike repair stations might offer public parking lots at grocery stores, swimming pools, fitness centres, plus shopping centres.

Both the Meadowhall and also Ealing Broadway going shopping centres have included repair stations alongside e bike charging areas inside their brand new cycle parking facilities.

The Central England Co operative has introduced bike fix stations at several brand new shops.

Offering all inclusive parking encourages even more individuals to cycle to the shops, cuts down on the quantity of parking space required and offers added value to existing customers as well as the regional community.
Encourage biking to work

It’s recognized that there are economic advantages to employers that are cycle friendly.

They include increased productivity, a reduction and employee retention in the demand for parking spaces.

Thirty eight % of all those surveyed declared enhanced provision and facilities for cycling to do the job would motivate them to do and so, based on the British Council for Offices studies.

In order to get more individuals to cycle to do the job, easy remedies might be discovered by adding bike repair stations.

They make the most perfect companion for bike storage facilities as well as work effectively with bike racks as well as cycle stands, developing a shared cycle path for staff members.

They enable personnel in order to reduce costly bicycle repairs and also to resolve minor issues on the project web site.
Creating active traveling hubs at railway stations.

In order to allow active traveling among cities for business, pleasure or maybe long commutes, active travel has to be compatible and also incorporated with public transportation.

As commuter train stations grow their capability for cycle parking, it is likewise essential to look at ways to cause them to become much more bicycle – friendly.

For all those on consolidated cycle rail commutes, possessing easy-to-access repair stations might be a lifesaver.

What this means is that cyclists will be not as likely to abandon’their bikes whenever they experience mechanical issues.

Promoting active travel requires combining hands on training with maintenance tools which offer effective maintenance.

To make it much easier for individuals to service their bicycles at bike repair shops, education is vital.

Bike repair stations now are being installed all around the place, giving folks the chance to correct broken bikes which would usually sit in rarely used garages.

There’s also hands on training programmes as Dr Bike giving people the confidence to fix and keep their bikes.
Points of similarity with electric powered vehicle charging points

As a substitute to the fuel powered motor vehicle, electric powered vehicles will be considered.

Currently, people will just have the ability to use electric vehicles when they’ve access to convenient charging stations.

In the exact same way, for cycling becoming the preferred method of transportation, it’s crucial the required tools for maintenance be being sold, particularly for new cyclists.

The construction and also size of electric vehicle charging factors are like bike repair stations.

The rollout of bike repair stations must see them set up on the same locations and also take equal priority.

Whether at parking lots, workplaces or maybe grocery stores, it is practical to mix both devices with automobile parking.
A resolve for effective travel

Along well-known routes, setting up bicycle repair stations are going to improve cycling’s reliability as a method of transportation.

Local governments and businesses are demonstrating their resolve for active travel by adding bike repair facilities, and creating an obvious statement that cycling is urged.

The vibrant colors cause them to become very easy to spot, and the company logos in the facilities inspire trust that the devices are made for public use.

The greater number of places we come across bike repair stores, on our roadways, at swimming pools, gyms, and also at the office, the better it is going to become to get started with cycling.