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About The Kia EV6 Boot Space

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We have had to rethink segment names and vehicle sizes due to the emergence of EVs over the past year. The dimensions of the 2022 Kia EV6, Hyundai Iniq 5, and Ford Mustang Mach-E are comparable to a crossover SUV, but they don’t fit neatly into compact or midsize silos. While some dimensions may be indicative of one model, others can be used to show the other. The cargo space is smaller than a compact SUV and more similar to a compact SUV. Perhaps even smaller, but at least it is on paper.
The Mach-E is 29.7 cubic-feet in cargo space. I have already bagged tested it. This was sufficient to store all my standard luggage test bags with very little space left. I have not yet tested the Ioniq 5 but let’s compare the EV6. According to its specs, it can hold 24.4 cubic feet behind its back seat.

You can immediately see how the fastback shape may make loading difficult for heavier objects. The Mach-E’s cargo area AND rear-most section are actually taller than the EV6.

First, let’s talk about the cargo cover. I usually test both with and without the cargo covers cartridge. This is because you might arrive at the airport to pick-up friends and find that they have more bags than expected or forget to take the cover off.

The EV6 solves this problem by creating a space underneath the floor to store it. This thoughtful feature is available on the Kia Telluride as well as a few other SUVs.


The EV6 allows you to remove the cargo floor, just like other SUVs. The cargo cover is still in place. This is how it looks above left. The stowed cargo cover cartridge is shown above right.

Problem is, the tire mobility kit. You can only fit it under the floor panel if you place it exactly as shown (shown above left) and within a small indentation. The cartridge cannot be stored if it is placed in this exact location (shown above left). You have two options: either you place the tire mobility kits somewhere or you live with a slightly skewed floor on top of the tire mobility kits.

This is how I did it: the cargo cover cartridge was under the floor, and the tire mobility kit in left-rear corner. I had planned to experiment with other configurations, but in the end, it wasn’t necessary.

Two medium-sized roller suitcases are used in my Kia EV6 boot space tests (26″ long, 16″ wide, 11 1/2″ deep), two roll-aboard suitcases (24Lx15Wx10D) and one smaller rollboard (23Lx15Wx10D). To add a little flair, I include my wife’s fancy overnight bag (21Lx12Wx12D).

All the bags fit. The Mach-E could not fit all the bags if it had its adjustable cargo floor in its lowest position. They all fit in the Kia with the floor in its upper position. As you can see, there was ample space.

Given that the bag plus the bonus bag all fit in the worst-case scenario, I didn’t see the need to test it again with the cargo cover and low floor completely removed, as I do often in other tests. You would have more room, but there would not be anything else.

Moreover, the EV6 passed the test without any problems. It also outperformed the functional Mach-E despite being able to hold more cubes than the paper. I am now curious about the Ioniq 5 with its 27.2-foot cargo area. Keep watching.