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6 Easy Steps to Buying the Perfect Bed Frame

A fashionable bed frame could be the focal point of your bedroom. These tips can aid you in selecting the best frames for the bed.

How to Buy a Bed Frame

A bed frame isn’t simply an area for your mattress, but also a place to put your bed. A fashionable bed frame could be the main focus of your bedroom’s decor and provide storage space. The tips below can help you select the ideal frame to last for years to come.

Check the Dimension of the Mattress

If you have an existing mattress that you like, selecting a new frame for your bed becomes somewhat easier. If you own a large mattress, then you need an extra bed frame. If you have a queen-size mattress, you want to look at queen-size frames. Make sure you are aware of your mattress that is king-sized is California king or an eastern one, as they’re different; a bed frame that’s appropriate for one may not be able to fit the other. If you’re planning to purchase your entire bed from scratch, think about how much space you’ll need for your mattress and the size that will make you feel the most comfortable.

Measure the Size of the Room

A bed is often the largest piece of furniture in any bedroom, and a large bed can easily overpower any small space. Put your mattress on the floor to get a sense of its size. You can also use masking tape or pillows to estimate it. If you feel you’re already feeling cramped, opt for the simplest bed frame in metal under your box spring to maximize the usable space in your bedroom. A simple platform frame for your bed can be a space-saving option, and you can even expand your storage options with the bed with drawers under the box spring or shelves on the headboard.

Select between a Platform Bed as well as Box Spring. Box Spring

With many platforms that only require the mattress and not box spring; this makes purchasing a platform bed the best option for buyers who are watching their budgets. Of course, some platform beds can also be fitted with a box spring if you like your bed a little higher off the surface. The choice between a platform bed and box springs is one of firmness for some, with many people prefer the firm foundation that most platform beds offer.

Take into consideration the height and bulkiness of the Bed

If you desire the drama of a higher-end frame for your bed, like the four-poster or canopy bed make sure you point your tape toward the ceiling. A tall bed frame requires an extremely high ceiling, because even a large bedroom can start to feel squeezed. Do a little extra measuring in case you want the bulky frame of a bed like a sleigh or a bed frame and headboard combination with shelves for books. Be aware that you could have to disassemble and reassemble larger bed frames to be able to pass through an entryway to your bedroom, and ensure that it is possible to do this with the frame you select.

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Create a Style That Matches Your Personal Decor

Because your bed will be the central point of any bedroom, choosing the best design is vital. If you’re looking for the perfect warm, inviting, homely feel, you may want to opt for an wooden frame for your bed, adding pillows and quilts to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. People who want a sleek contemporary look must choose an iron bed frame or wood that has clean minimalist lines. Once you’ve identified the styles that would work in your bedroom, look at various designs, including bed frames with upholstery, sleigh beds, wrought-iron beds, and brass beds to determine what you like best.

It doubles as a guest room as well as Kids’ Rooms

When furnishing a kid’s room or guest room, you’re able to choose from a variety of choices. Consider a daybed for the guest room, so that you can make the room an office space or craft space when you aren’t hosting guests. An extra bed or trundle can work great for overnight guests and kids’ sleepovers. Bunk beds are another useful, space-saving option for kids.