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8 Benefits of Using an Infrared Sauna

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“Hot Air Baths” as well as makeshift saunas have been utilized throughout the ages by different cultures around the globe, from sweat lodge rituals that were practiced by Native Americans to the Diocletian baths in Ancient Rome. The practice of visiting the sauna continues to be practiced but modern technology has made it possible the possibility of a method that is said to have an almost unlimited list of benefits. the infrared sauna.

Infrared sauna therapy is different from the traditional method of burning a fire under an artificial lodge to produce heat. Instead, the therapy uses infrared light waves that generate thermal energy inside the body. The waves penetrate deeper into the tissues without increasing the temperature in the sauna space which makes this treatment ideal for those who aren’t able to handle the extreme humidity and heat in traditional sauna rooms and consequently miss the benefits that could be gained.

The infrared wavelengths themselves are not visible, and fall within electromagnetic spectrum. They are also known by the name of “far-infrared” (FIR) (FIR) These waves are able to positively alter the structure of our tissues by piercing beneath the surface of the skin, stimulating mitochondrial activity, and circulating heat.

Although research on long-term effects is still being conducted the infrared sauna is thought to be a low-cost secure, safe, and efficient method to ease the pain, improve elimination, enhance heart health and so on.

What’s more? Let’s look at how infrared sauna can do much more to your health than just getting your body sweaty:

1. Better Skin Tone

Infrared sauna therapy expands blood vessels, which in turn increases blood flow throughout your body. The increased circulation helps not only eliminate the toxins and toxins, but also assists in delivering more nutrients and oxygen for the face. Since our skin needs the collagen-forming nutrients (which helps keep our skin firm) sauna therapy using infrared light is a fantastic method to boost the tone of your skin and decrease wrinkles.

2. Gets rid of Toxins

The immune system of our bodies is fighting against a myriad of toxins our ancestors would never have thought of Pesticides as well as toxic metals, PCBs found in the plastic industry, environmental pollutants as well as GMOs (genetically engineered organisms). In combination with a unhealthy diet, you are setting yourself up for the accumulation of toxins and the possibility of weakened immunity.

Infrared sauna treatments can provide your body a boost to flush out the poisons. This is accomplished by sweating, which has been proven in numerous studies to boost elimination and decrease the levels of toxins within the body.

3. Weight Loss

It is evident that having a break in an infrared sauna could assist in losing weight. In a study of overweight adults, researchers observed that “… that body fat and weight significantly decreased after just two weeks of infrared sauna therapy.” Researchers speculate that this is due to a higher cardiovascular rate as well as the body’s efforts (i.e. the burning of calories) to chill itself.

It is interesting to note that in similar research, people who were at a normal weight but with an appetite loss experienced “increased intake of calories and increased eating behavior.” This indicates that the infrared sauna treatment could be a diet and weight “balancer” by raising the level of ghrelin (the appetite hormone) in patients with low appetite and keeping levels of ghrelin even for obese people.

4. Improves the Cardiovascular Function

Infrared sauna therapy has been found to be beneficial for the heart. The benefits have been proven to be to be so effective that studies have linked sitting in an infrared sauna with a lower risk of sudden death from cardiac or the fatal heart attack, death from heart disease, and all-cause death.

The reason for these effects is the increase in cardiovascular rate and blood flow and the improvement in blood pressure those who undergo infrared sauna therapy. In a fascinating study, researchers compared heart output that patients feel in the sauna to a vigorous walk.

5. Pain Relief

Another benefit to infrared therapy for stress is the capacity to alleviate chronic pain without the adverse effect of many pain medication. In one instance, studies conducted out from the Netherlands discovered that patients suffering from ankylosing spondylitis and rheumatoid arthritis who received infrared sauna therapy for a period of four weeks saw a decrease in stiffness, pain, and fatigue after the treatment. The researchers believe that these benefits stemmed in a decrease in inflammation levels which ease the friction between joints, which causes chronic pain.

6. Wound Healing

The infrared therapy has also the amazing capacity to speed up the recovery process for wounds. In particular, research conducted by NASA has demonstrated that infrared radiation significantly enhances the growth of tissues and cell regeneration because mitochondria are easily absorbing infrared light.

7. Improves Circulation

Infrared sauna therapy has been shown to increase circulation. This could have a variety of benefits, from a better skin tone (as previously discussed) to a decrease in blood pressure. Researchers have discovered that the benefits of infrared sauna therapy are significant. It improves blood vessel function for diabetes and smokers who have high cholesterol.

8. Combats Chronic Fatigue

A recent study has found the fact that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) can cause extreme fatigue without a definitive cause, can be significantly relieved by infrared saunas. The study included CFS patients who sat at a temperature of 60degC (140degF) sauna for fifteen minutes. This was and then a bed rest in a blanket for 30 minutes in an isolated room. The experiment was carried out daily 5 days a week, over a period time of 4 weeks.

The result? Positive mood, anxiety and depression levels dramatically improved following the treatment as fatigue scores were reduced on a scale ranging from 1 to 10 ranging between 6.7 and 4.8. Although there isn’t a clear explanation for the reason why infrared sauna therapy is beneficial to CFS patients, scientists speculate that it could be due its ability to lower the oxidative stress and increase the cardiac output as well as improve cardiac output. Both have been associated with CFS.

It’s important to know that the study authors claim the patients did not notice any effects of the treatment but they definitely felt less tired after 4 weeks. If you’re thinking of to try infrared sauna therapy for fatigue, you should be aware that you’ll need to go through a whole month of treatment for a chance to experience the advantages. But, less than one hour per day for four weeks to ease fatigue is something that is worth it!

Are Infrared Sauna Therapy safe?

There are some who question the safety of sauna treatments using infrared light because of the infrared light’s capacity to penetrate the layer of skin. While there are no major adverse side results have been observed during the course of treatment, it’s not recommended for children and older adults who are susceptible to dehydration or heat exhaustion and it is not recommended for patients taking medications that hinder the ability of sweating. It is important to speak with your doctor regarding any medical conditions you might have prior to making the decision to try an infrared sauna Sydney.

Outside of exercising Who knew sweating out can provide such amazing health benefits? All in all, sauna therapy is beneficial for almost everyone, from those seeking to detox every month to people seeking alternative solutions to various issues.