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8 Things To Remember When Shopping For A Front Door

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It is among the first things visitors is exposed to and will be remembered by, and it is an outstanding first impression. In addition to giving your personal touch to the exterior of your house, you could replace your door to increase security for your home and energy efficiency, as well as reduce the noise level and improve the amount of natural sunlight.

You are preparing your New Front Door

When you design your front door You have the option whether to go with the style of the house or to create a distinct. The materials, the door’s design and fittings, fixtures, glaze and finishes all contribute to your choice.

In general, the best suggestion is to match the current style of the house. A striking Victorian style front door painted in a bold color is likely to look fantastic in a 19th or early twentieth century house, however the door will not be as appealing when fitted to a house constructed in the nineteen sixties or seventies.

The choice to contrast instead of complement can be difficult, but if executed with care it can make a stunning impression. Find a knowledgeable front doors provider that you trust to provide an excellent design service and can help you find the ideal balance.

Making an Entry

The time to replace a front door can be a great moment to think about other improvements to your home. If your front door is covered by an outdoor porch, there could be a possibility for an inside and an outside door, providing you with a storage space for shoes, umbrellas, coats and also separating the living space from the entrance . This will not only make an ideal storage option for the house, but is likely to improve security and reduce energy consumption too.

When the doors to the front is recessive moving it forward and to be flush with the house’s front could create more hallway space , and also the chance to lay out flooring, levels, and the steps to the front of your door. Take into consideration whether the way the door opens from left or right is the best option for your needs. Do you have to switch to a right-hand or left-hand door?

The most recent doors come with an array of styles, colors and materials which complement period and modern properties and offer lower maintenance, improved security, better insulation and lower energy costs. There are plenty of alternatives, so it’ll be helpful to draw sketches to serve as a basis to discuss your options with your door provider. Make a few photos of what’s currently in place to give you a guide.

The replacement of a front door does not require planning permission unless your property is listed or is located in a conservation zone. If you own a leasehold property and you want to make the change, inquire with the freeholder and management company prior to making the modification.

Front Door Materials

It is possible to be surprised by the wide range of colors to UPVC or composite doors since typically only the most common shades are listed. If you request a reliable installer to design a specific color and finish, they are likely to provide it within a brief time. Production and installation has been greatly improved over the past few years, with a wide range of finishes, superior security, and low maintenance along with heat and sound insulation.

Composite doors provide authentic wood finishes that require virtually no maintenance and do not require painting. Composite doors have the benefits of solid wood and UPVC and can be incredibly customizable in every aspect in their appearance. They have grown to be a well-known option that offers a sturdy construction that can be achieved by mixing different materials. Composite doors are very sturdy, it will not be rotted or warped and is extremely resilient to force entry.

Solid timber doors are a classic. But, they don’t offer the same level of security or insulation that composites and uPVC provide. Older wooden doors that are varnished might not be the ideal choice if your door faces south, and has exposure to harsh sunlight. Doors made of wood are able to be varnished or painted but they are prone to warping, allowing in draughts and becoming stuck in humid weather. It is normal for timber doors’ appearance to change with time, and you’ll have to keep them maintained.

Sunshine, rain, and predominant wind are factors to be considered when considering replacing your front door; the weather influences your the material you choose, as well as maintenance, and possibly the serviceability for the doors. If the house is in the direction in which rainy days are abound pick a top-quality front door with a frame and top-quality door seals.

A professional with experience in installing doors can give you good ideas for doors and details for your particular circumstance.


If the style that your entrance door has glass, the choice of your glazing will completely alter the design and appearance of the front door. There’s a wide variety transparent, colored or frosted glass available in double-glazed, single-glazed and triple-glazed designs.

You might also be able to create a striking statement using the use of a transom light (which is the name used to describe an upper glass panel on the front door) Use an unglazed glass rectangle, fan shape or include an ornamental pattern or house number. For a front door that is wide, it is possible to add an uninspiring vertical sidelight window that is next to the door. Think about balancing elements like the natural light that is a result of clear glass and the aesthetic and privacy offered by the patterned or obscured glass.

If your front door faces north, this allows you to offset the less natural light , and also to include the area of glazing inside your home with double glazing to increase thermal efficiency. If you’ve experienced condensation and/or water damage, you should consult the Energy Savings Trust advises that the energy efficient glazing will reduce condensation in the interior of the door.

Verify that your front door is in line with the most recent standards of the minimum British Standards in respect of every aspect of glass, including security, thermal capability, and the safety attributes, for example the nature of the force needed to break the glass , and the method by which it breaks.

Glazing can add a new dimension to the design of your front door . It can be a combination of everything you can imagine, so make the use of glass an essential aspect of your planning process.

Handles and Hinges

A reputable door company will offer you a selection of fixtures and fittings , with the option of complement or create an interesting contrast. Ask your installer for advice with the best choices There are a lot of options.

You could decide to remove some of the standard accessories and fixtures from your door. It is possible to place an alarm on the door frame for a more modern appearance. You may choose that the mailbox doesn’t have to be a part of the door. For example in the case of a house with dogs, you can place a box in the outside of the door. You can choose whether you’d like a more substantial handle for the door or choose the specifics like door hinges and draught strips, locks as well as locks. With the variety of door furniture that is available in the present, you do not have to compromise on style and there’s something for each and every circumstance.


There have been massive advances in the security of doors over the last few years , and it’s almost certain that a high-quality front door can enhance your home’s security and your family’s well-being. These improvements are backed through the federal government’s Building Regulations Document Q which defines the security requirements that apply to the doors (and windows).

As a minimum , anticipate doors to meet or exceed British Standard PAS24 and your insurance provider will require that locks are compliant with British Standard 3621. Any reputable door manufacturer or installer ought to be happy to answer questions about their specifications for the lock they employ and the way security is integrated into their design.

The best front door installers provide additional levels of security to provide the homeowner a door that is as secure as is possible. Be aware that even a sturdy door can only be as strong as the quality of the frame as well as the quality of the door’s installation to the home. A quality front door can effectively protect your home by using features like multi-point locks. They provide the peace of mind you can hear the bolts closing on the sides, the top and bottom of the door.

It is possible to replace the standard spy hole by installing an exterior security camera as well as a smartphone application, which means you know who’s calling your door anytime of the morning or at night if you’re not at home. Installing a front porch light equipped with passive infra-red (PIR) sensors will greet your guests or you to your house. For security reasons it is recommended to install the light near an upper part of your front entrance’s horizontal plane, ensuring that the faces of visitors are illuminated from the front and sides rather than from behind so that they do not cast their faces in shadow.

Energy Efficiency and Conservation

A well-insulated front door can greatly contribute to the retention of heat within your home. The efficiency of the insulation around the remainder of your home and double glazing can be affected if your front door is noisy or is not properly sealed.

In line with the UK government’s pledge to increase energy efficiency , all doors must meet standards of performance and awarded the ‘U’ rating and are rated from ‘E’ up to “A++” according to the material chosen for the frame as well as the glass. The UK government-approved competent person FENSA scheme recommends higher energy rating for windows or doors to reduce heating costs. According to the Energy Savings Trust, the independent authority in the UK, suggests that a double-glazed home can typically reduce PS115 off your energy bill. To benefit from the savings check that the front door has at least identical to double glazing.

It’s not just about keeping your home warm during winter. Your home will also be cooler in summer thanks to a well-insulated modern front door, which will help you save on the cost of energy all year. There is also the possibility that a brand new door can minimize noise, which can be especially beneficial if you live close to traffic.

Doors that are thermally efficient help to make the home more comfortable and at an economical and less environmental cost. A lot of manufacturers are concerned about the impact on the environment of their manufacturing methods. Good ones won’t be shy about asking what they’re doing to reduce their environmental footprint.


A high-quality doors is an investment, and it is common to receive what you pay for. In the years that follow the ownership of your home, there is an impressive return on initial expense. A front door that’s initially affordable will require you to be able to save money by using lesser quality materials, or manufacturing or installation that can alter the structure, insulation, and security.

A well-designed front door will offer a solid protection against extremes of heat and cold leaks, draughts and drafts and can reduce your electric costs. There could be small savings in the requirement for less artificial lighting, and better maintenance and cooling.

It’s worthwhile to discuss your options and options with an experienced door installer who is knowledgeable about the different types, materials, and installation issues , and be able to give feedback on the overall appearance of your home. We’ve all had homes that a second view could have helped improve the overall design! In the event that you decide to relocate an apartment, a stylish front door with a well-designed entrance can improve the curbside aesthetics of your property.

A good door comes with a Warranties

Be sure to look for a solid 10 year guarantee. It is equally important to research the company or installer and ensure that they have a solid track record as well as a comprehensive customer service rating The website Checkatrade is a good place to start with real-life reviews of customers’ experiences. Doing your research prior to buying helps to avoid issues from the beginning and unexpected costs at a later date. It’s also important to determine whether the door’s guarantee is transferable to someone who purchases your house.

Shopping for Your Front Door

Your front door is the first thing that visitors be able to see, and it’s likely to make a lasting impression. It is safe to say that a modern front door is more efficient in energy use, more secure and more durable. It will also be low maintenance and will last for a long, hassle-free existence. Modern or period and simple, or decorative either standard or over-sized with bright or muted shades – there’s ever been so many options and the opportunity to make the perfect blend of design and functionality. Consider your options, listen to advice, expand your thoughts concerning the possibilities and you’ll be able to create an entrance to your front door that you will be able to look at with pride for years to come.