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DIY or Call in the Professionals for my Harbourne House Move?

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Moving houses is among the most stressful activities that we experience throughout our lives With so many things to think about it’s not surprising that a lot of people dread their move day.

One of the most crucial aspects you must decide on is whether or not you’ll hire a removal company or if you’re able to handle the job in your own way, since a Harbourne removal company can take a lot of stress off the day, however, you’ll feel more at ease when you handle the whole thing yourself. With a myriad alternatives and advantages to both options, you’ll need to evaluate each one and choose the one that best meets your needs. Then, you can begin arranging the day and feel more relaxed regarding the whole process.


No no matter how many times have moved houses in your life, the process of packing boxes will never be easier or more enjoyable!

One of the major benefits of hiring a removal service is that they can do this task that is time-consuming for you. All of the items is put away in a neat and secure way, making the process of unpacking much easier once you get to your new home.

In addition there is no need to devote time and effort searching for packaging materials, including boxes, bubble wrap paper, tape, and boxes, another tedious chore that is a thing you can get off your to-do list.

If, however, you’ve lived in your home for several years and have plenty of things to take with you, moving is a fantastic opportunity to take a good clean out and throw away, or sell, anything that is no longer needed or use. If this is the case and you want to pack everything yourself, this is the most efficient option since it will let you sort through items while you place them in boxes, which means that you only move the things you’ll actually need when you move into your new residence.


A truck or van is an essential part of any relocation, since it helps avoid multiple trips between houses, and can carry your belongings in a way which keeps your possessions safe and stable during the journey.

If you decide to employ a removal company, you won’t need to fret about this aspect of moving , as the staff will load up the van, drive it, and then unload the van for you. This means that you only need to unpack at the opposite end!

This is an ideal alternative to save yourself valuable time and effort, and is ideal if don’t want to drive a vehicle yourself, or know anybody who could. Also, hiring a vehicle is less expensive than hiring a removal company, especially if you’d like to use it for a few days to take unwanted items to the tip or collect new furniture pieces.

This option also allows you to get things done in accordance with your own timetable and not have other people involved. This means you can begin in the early hours of the morning or later in the evening If you want to and you’re not running to someone else’s schedule and can work on things at your pace. Don’t forget though, if you are involved in a chain, you will have to leave the house you are selling by legal completion, and a professional removal firm can better accomplish this for you!


It can be stressful thinking about how you will move your most precious and fragile objects from house to home, particularly huge furniture pieces which are difficult to move and is essential to make sure that you are covered if anything does happen.

Trustworthy removal companies will have insurance which will protect you if items are damaged or stolen during the removal And you can be sure that they will package everything well, and are well-trained to handle even the most awkward pieces, so your belongings are safe in their hands.

If you’d prefer to move everything yourself it gives you peace of mind knowing all your possessions are yours, and that you don’t have to worry about anyone else damaging or breaking anything. But, it’s important to get insurance beforehand regardless of how diligent you are it is possible to be injured! This is particularly important in the event of moving a long distanceor the other country, as the more distance your possessions need been able to move, the greater risk vulnerable you are.

The final decision, whether to use a removal company, or pack up and transport your belongings yourself it all comes down to personal preference, time, and budget.

Once you’ve settled, we would love to help you to find the ideal van or a dependable removal companythat meets your needs. We also offer an easy service to help with this, regardless of whether you’re moving down the road, or across the world! Contact us for all the advice you need and to be put into contact with the most suitable individuals.