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Explainer Videos: What are They and Why are They Great?

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It is short, succinct, interesting, and may encourage relationships between customers and goods or services. One of the most effective types of video marketing material is the explainer video.
It is founded on actual outcomes. According to a 2020 research on the efficiency and efficacy of marketing video methods, 84% of consumers had been convinced to purchase a good or service by an explanation video.

A clear explainer film included on a business website has been found to raise conversion rates by as much as 80%. They are the most popular type of marketing video, and 73% of marketers say they are the best.

What is a video explanation?

A video from an explainer video agency is a brief film that demonstrates how something operates. They are frequently used to promote a good or service or boost sign-ups.

They work well to convey ideas, concepts, and corporate policy like safety and health training and guidelines. They are also effective for educational and instructional reasons.

An explainer video for marketing purposes typically lasts 45 to 60 seconds. It usually employs a brief conversational dialogue and an attention-grabbing graphic presentation. Two categories of explainer videos exist:

  1. Animated explanations of concepts

This form may be utilised by all organisations and is most frequently employed with digital technologies. There are several options available, the most well-liked being:

Digitally, a common flat cartoon style is known as 2D Vector.
3.D. Animation Utilise 3D models when animating.
Animation of text, graphs, and charts is known as motion graphics.

Although outside companies often handle animation, basic movies may be created inside using programmes like Powtoon. Your alternatives will be more varied and of greater quality as your budget increases.

The benefit of an energetic approach is that it encourages imagination. You may design any kind of environment or aesthetic.

  1. Live-action instructional movies

This is a more conventional method for filming videos because actual people, things, and places are used. It may just be a person chatting to the camera and displaying a product. You may also utilise humour, a particular movie or topic, or both, to get your point through.

A more humane method that enables the personal and emotional connection that only real people can offer is live-action. With animated explainer films, this is a terrific approach to stand out from the competition.

There are numerous restrictions on what may be done, but a straightforward and inventive strategy can make live action an affordable choice.

You are not required to adhere to one strategy over another. A combination of live-action and animated segments is used to make many explainer videos.

Why do explainer videos work so well?

Explainer videos have dominated the video marketing landscape for a reason. The perform. They can increase conversion rates and engage clients and consumers.

But what precisely is happening? What is it about explainer videos that is so compelling? These are a few of the traits:
Brands are the focus of interest.

To make an excellent explainer clip, you must fully grasp how customers might profit from your goods or services. It’s challenging to get your point through in that little time.

What exactly do you do?
Why would anyone find this interesting?
How can they draw each other in?

These are straightforward inquiries, but the solutions are not always straightforward. especially given how organisations develop and change over time. When making explainer films, it’s crucial to maintain your attention on the relevant details and filter out the unnecessary noise.

relates interesting tales

A surprising 77% of viewers are retained by effective explainer videos, which is a high percentage. It indicates that after they start watching the movie, the majority of individuals will finish it.

This is so that tales may be told in an explanatory video. It draws the audience in and leads them on a quick yet entertaining journey using a straightforward narrative framework. The framework most videos employ is as follows:

  1. Deal with the issue
    This attracts viewers’ attention by highlighting a widespread issue that you want to resolve.
  2. Present your response
    You outline the company’s goods and/or services that deal with the problem.
  3. It functions!

You will now give a detailed explanation of how your solution addresses that issue.

  1. Issue a challenge.

Through the purchase of an item or registration for a certain service, this style of video marketing shows viewers how to obtain the answer.

This format is straightforward and adaptable, but it works wonders for conveying the advantages of what your business does. The average length of a video clip is 90 seconds. However, it’s crucial to take the narrative structure into account. This will enable you to take your audience on a journey and engage them.

reflects your culture

It could appear that making an explanation film will simply show what you can achieve. But it is much more than that. The tone, structure, and attitude of an explainer film may convey your company’s culture and “feel.”

You should pick a look that expresses how you want your clients and consumers to perceive you. It could have a polished, comforting style or one that exhibits originality and humour. What works for an independent beer brand probably won’t work for a legal firm.

The explainer film that a top-notch video production firm produces will be consistent with the corporate culture.
Format adaptability

The structure of an explainer video is perfect for distributing across several digital mediums. The material is straightforward and simple to obtain whenever it is needed. It may be shared on a smartphone, the home page of a business website, or even a big digital billboard.

There are several ways you may utilise the videos. It could be included into a presentation. It could be applied to contract and client bidding processes as well as content crowdsourcing.

A business card for the digital age is an explanation video. It is a simple and effective approach to let others know what you believe in and how you can assist.
Your SEO ranks will rise.

Search engines take into account how frequently and for how long users engage with a website. Search engines place websites in this order. Sessions in Google Analytics are used to track this. The typical amount of time spent on a page by a visitor is still about 15 seconds.

Explainer videos are crucial for SEO rankings because of this. Explainer videos provide search engines the proper signals by retaining viewers’ attention for more than two minutes. Visitors that see a compelling call to action will additionally engage with the material, clicking on links, setting up accounts, etc.

More video material is now showing up on Google’s first page of search results. By strategically using keywords, tags, and script transcriptions, an explainer film may serve as a doorway for your company.