Explainer Videos: What are They and Why are They Great?

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It’s quick, concise, engaging, and can help people make connections with products or services. Explainer videos are one of most powerful forms of video marketing content.
It is based upon real-world results. A 2020 study about the effectiveness and efficiency of marketing video strategies showed that 84% of consumers had been persuaded to buy a product/service by explaining videos.

It has been shown that embedding a clear explainer video on a company’s website can increase conversion rates by as high as 80%. They are the top-rated form of marketing video and the choice of almost three-quarters of marketers (73%).

What is an explanation video?

A video from an explainer video agency is a short video that explains how something works. They are often used to market a product or service or increase sign-ups.

They are great for informational and educative purposes, to communicate ideas, concepts and company protocol such as safety and health training and guidance.

A marketing-based explainer video usually lasts between 45-60 seconds. It will typically use a quick conversational script with a visual style that captivates the audience’s attention. There are two types of explainer videos:
1. Animations explaining things

This form is most commonly used with digital tools and makes it affordable for all organizations. You can use a variety of methods, the most popular being:

2D Vector is a digital version a typical flat cartoon style.
3D Animation: Use 3D models for animation
Motion Graphics: Animation of text, graphs, and charts

Although animation is normally handled by an outside company, tools like Powtoon allow for simple videos to be made in-house. The higher your budget, the more options available and the better quality you are likely to get.

An animated approach has the advantage of allowing you to be creative. You can create any type of world or style.

2. Live-action explainer videos

This is a more traditional approach that uses real people, objects, and locations to film videos. This could simply be someone talking to the camera and showing a product. You can also use humor or a specific movie or theme to convey your message.

Live-action is a more human approach that allows for the emotional connection and human connection that only real people can provide. This is a great way to stand out from the crowd with animated explainer videos.

There are many limitations on what can be done, but a creative and simple approach can make live action a cost-effective option.

You don’t have to follow one approach or another. Many explainer videos are created using a mix of live-action and animated sequences.

Why is explainer video so effective?

Explainer videos have been a dominant player in video marketing for a reason. They work. They can engage customers and clients, and improve conversion rates.

But what exactly is going on? What is it that makes explainer videos so impressive? Here are some of the characteristics:
Brands are at the center of attention

It is essential to understand how people can benefit from your product or services in order to create an effective explainer clip. It’s difficult to convey your message in such a brief time.

What do you do actually?
Why should anyone be interested in this?
How can they be attracted?

These are simple questions, but not always easy to answer. Particularly as organizations change and evolve over time. It is essential to remove all the noise and keep your focus on the important parts when creating explainer videos.

Tells engaging stories

Effective explainer videos retain around 77% of viewers, which is a remarkable rate. It means that most people will view the entire video once they start to watch it.

It is because an explainer video tells stories. It uses a simple narrative structure to draw the viewer in and take them on a brief and enjoyable journey. This is the structure most videos use:
1. Address the problem
This grabs viewers’ attention by identifying a common problem that you want to solve.
2. Offer your solution
You describe the company’s product and/or service that addresses the issue.
3. It works!

You will now demonstrate the details of how your solution solves that problem.
4. Give a call-to action

This type of video marketing demonstrates how viewers can access this solution, such as purchasing an item or signing up for a particular service.

This structure is simple and flexible, but it’s very effective in communicating the benefits of what your company does. Video clips typically last around 90 seconds. However, it is important to consider the narrative structure. This will help you engage your viewers and take them along a journey.

Communicates your culture

A explainer video may seem like a simple way of demonstrating what you can do. However, it is much more. A explainer video’s style, format, and attitude can reflect the culture and ‘feeling’ of your organization.

You should choose a style that reflects how you want your customers and clients to view you. It could be a professional, reassuring style, or one that displays creativity and a sense humor. It’s unlikely that what works for an indy brewery brand will work for a law company.

A quality video production company will make sure the explainer video they create is in line with the company’s culture.
Flexibility in the format

An explainer video format is ideal for sharing across multiple digital formats. Because of its simplicity and clarity, the content is easy to find wherever it’s needed. It can be shared on a smartphone, shared on a company website’s landing page or even projected onto a large digital billboard.

You have many options for how to use the videos. It could be used as part of a presentation. It could be used to crowdsource content or in the bidding process of clients and contracts.

An explainer video is a modern-day business card. It is an easy and quick way to reach people, and communicate what you stand for and how you can help.
Increase your SEO rankings

Search engines evaluate how long web page visitors spend on a site and how frequently they interact with it. This is how search engines rank web pages. Google Analytics tracks this via Sessions. A visitor’s average time on a page remains at around the 15-second mark.

This is why explainer videos are so important for SEO rankings. By keeping viewers watching for longer than two minutes, explainer videos send all the right signals to search engines. With a strong call-to-action visitors will also interact with the content, clicking on links, creating an account, etc.

Google is placing more video content on the first page of search results. An explainer video is a gateway to your organization by smartly using keywords, tags, and script transcriptions.