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Fitted Cabinets – Why Have Them?

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It’s a common thing every day, we browse on the internet for ideas or something that will inspire our creative imagined furniture. It doesn’t matter what the color, style or appearance, one thing we tend to overlook is the potential of using empty areas to our advantage.

Although wardrobes that are standalone or chests of drawers, as well as clothes dressers are a most affordable option, they typically are affixed to rooms and seldom be able to sit flush to the wall and take up precious floor space which could be utilized to maximize storage space.

Below, we provide some instances of ways that fitted cabinets can help you maximize the space available for dead items and allow you to enjoy a clear, uncluttered and practical home.

Loft Conversion Units & Angled Ceiling Storage

One of the best methods to maximize storage space is to utilize the lower sloping ceilings and cove areas to accommodate built-in drawers, cabinets, and built-in shelving.

In this case, we created and built custom drawers that grow in depth when space permits, not just increasing the space that is not being used but also completely altering the appearance and feeling of the space. This results in a gorgeous and clean space with no empty space, and extremely useful storage units.

In the picture below, you will see that all of the space has been maximized to give a tidy and uncluttered appearance, but also an amazing contemporary and invisible storage space. A section that is often overlooked in homes are the smaller spaces that are located towards the stairs below.

Here is a glimpse of our installation of an entire length sliding shoe rack that is perfect for those shoes and wellies that you wish to keep away from view. The drawers that are fitted and cabinets were created using a push-to-open mechanism, which gives them the contemporary look that our customer was looking for.

Storage Around Doors, Windows & Appliances

When you are designing your dream home one thing that is often overlooked is the possibility of installing storage units in the vicinity of doors, windows , and other static appliances. The space surrounding these fittings is usually a challenge and difficult to envision the solution, however, building custom furniture allows us to make units that fit in any space.

The wall is a fitted wardrobe made of shakers that we constructed around the front door of an ensuite bathroom. We took advantage of the ceiling-to-floor space by creating sections of different sizes and heights, as well as shelving along with hanging space and drawers. The customized unit is positioned in a straight line to the wall, which means that it doesn’t encroach on the floor space.

Shelving Units between Walls

This isn’t a rare situation, many of us have partition walls that separate rooms, but not realize the possibilities of having fitted storage that is available. Here is an excellent illustration of how you can maximize space by using walls themselves to build an entirely custom-designed shelving unit that can maximize storage space. In this case, we created and constructed shelves to create a partition wall between a staircase as well as an external wall.

Final thoughts

There are many areas that are often neglected and overlooked when designing customized built units. If you’re exploring your home and looking for those hidden nooks and crannies, you should contact us so that we can help you with the various storage options that are available to you.