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House Surveys – Are they worth the cost?

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Why should you get a report on your homebuyers?

A survey of potential buyers for your property is a good idea and makes sense. For the majority of people, properties are likely to be the most expensive asset they own. Before you decide to purchase something that could take 20 or more years to pay off and then own in full, it makes sense to check for issues.

A thorough survey can help you save money on repairs in the future.

There are three primary reasons to consider you should consider a Home buyers Report is a great idea.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

You must ensure you don’t have any unintentional unexpected costs that will cause you to pay for repairs at a later time. Conducting a survey will provide you with an idea of any potential problems that may be affecting this property..


You must ensure your property’s worth is the amount you’re buying it for.

If the report is deemed to be filled with potential issues, a buyer could be able to leverage this to negotiate price. In other cases, the report may provide a clear statement of health. Then you’ll will be able to rest in peace .

If you’re buying the property using an mortgage, it’s likely the mortgage company will demand an Mortgage Value Report. This isn’t a survey. This report is to you and your bank. It allows them to decide whether the property they are lending you is sufficient security for the amount they’re willing to lend you. It helps protect your investment, not theirs.

The report on your home Buyers Survey or report doesn’t only help buyers. If you’re selling your property , it may be worthwhile to conduct a survey of your house before it goes on sale. If you’re aware of problems in advance, you are able to determine the price accordingly, or obtain several quotes from professionals to fix. This way, you will know the proper reduction that would appear like.

If the report is clear, then you can send it out to interested parties to ensure they know that the property does not have structural issues and doesn’t require any major work. The information you provide can be helpful to prospective buyers, particularly first-time buyers who are not familiar with the market.


You may have a feeling that the house needs work but aren’t sure of the extent. The report will help you to spot potential issues that give you the opportunity to plan your budget and then work according to.

Types of Homebuyers Reports

If you’re looking for an industry-standardised home report it might be beneficial to find an RICS certified surveyor. They’ll be able provide three different types of RICS Homebuyer reports, so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting for your price.

Surveys of homebuyers are a great option to avoid costly repairs in the future. A survey of an apartment or house will provide you with an estimate of how much you’ll need to put into a home after you purchase it. This guide will go over the various kinds of surveys that are that are available, and the costs associated with them as well as RICS Condition Reports RICS HomeBuyer Reports and many more.

It’s crucial to choose the kind of survey you want according to the condition of the property not necessarily on the cost of the report.

The three surveys that are available to the RICS Registered Surveyor include:

RICS Condition Report (Level one) approximately £250
RICS HomeBuyer Report (Level two) – Approx £400
RICS Building Survey (Level three) approximately £500

The cost of a house survey London as that are mentioned in this article are just a reference. The costs could vary depending on what provider they use and the dimensions of the house being surveyed.
RICS Condition Report (Level one)

It is recommended to use this method if your house is new construction or a an older home that appears as if it is in excellent order. The survey won’t contain a valuation, however your surveyor might be able to add this at an additional cost.

Condition Report Condition Report is intended to give an easy-to review summary of the potential problems through the traffic light system. The traffic light system will be used to cover all the various parts in the construction, such as services garages, outbuildings and other garages (where appropriate)

It will also reveal any possible future threats to the building’s condition. In addition it will go some ways to investigate legal concerns regarding the building’s planning, guarantees and control that may be in places.

The report will outline the issues, but without offering any suggestions. It is recommended to consult an expert in the event that the report points some issue that could be significant.

The report will cost around PS250.

RICS HomeBuyer Report (Level two)

This report is appropriate when you have a typical home (i.e. constructed using standard materials and construction techniques) that is in good state.

It covers all the information in the Level One report and will also examine structural problems like subsidence or damp.

The report is usually comprised of an appraisal of the market value of the property (but ensure it is accurate) as well as an insurance restoration amount. This is the cost for restoring the property in case of a disaster.

This report is not only more comprehensive in the inspection and inspection, but it also includes recommendations for repairs as well as regular maintenance.

If the report highlights an issue that is major and likely cost you money to fix You can use this as a tool to bargain and decrease your offer.

This report will cost approximately PS400.

RICS Building Survey (Level three)

This survey is targeted at older or larger property, or where the property was constructed with non standard materials. This is a different kind of survey than level one or two. It could also be helpful in the event that you are considering a major remodeling of the building when you have moved into it.

This report will provide comprehensive details about the structure and construction of the building. It employs the 1 2 3 system to identify areas that require attention.

It is a thorough examination of the building, which covers many more problems in greater detail.

It will expose obvious flaws as well as potential issues due to hidden flaws. It could be due to subsidence damp, dry rot, or other issues.

It should also contain an analysis of the issues and repair costs and the repercussions of inaction.

The report will cost between PS400-PS500 and does not include an appraisal. It would be an additional expense should it be required.

Other kinds of Property Survey

Full Structural Survey

It is not necessary to opt for an RICS controlled survey. There are many other options there. Be aware that surveys are not capable of looking under the floorboards or behind walls provided that this is a condition of the contractor. Every survey will seek signs of issues which are visible or quantifiable.

A comprehensive structural survey should contain everything you’d expect from the RICS Building Survey (Level three). If you’re choosing an individual who is not an RICS participant to complete the survey,, look to the RICS surveys to compare to ensure all the bases are completed.

New Build Survey

If you’re considering purchasing a new home, you might think the survey doesn’t required. However, this may be different based on the builder. It’s always an excellent idea to search for reviews about the developer you choose to use and check the extent of complaints made by past buyers.

The cost of a New Build snagging survey would cost approximately PS300. This is an independent evaluation of the property. It will reveal any deficiencies that may be present in the property. These issues could be fixed by the developer before you move into the property.

The Most Common Problems Identified in Surveys

Electrical problems: especially in older homes Are all things in compliance with the code?
Roof problems: Leaks, dry rot structural instability.
Damp and other issues with timber There are no termites as a population in the UK however there is woodworm.
Structural issues: Subsidence walls bowing, cracks on supporting Beams
Central Heating Problems.

If your investigation finds one of these, what happens is next?

Determine if some issues are covered by the guarantee. If the home has been renovated with new windows, a new roof or damp proofing in the past ten years, it may be covered under a warranty from the provider. It could be that this issue can be fixed under the warranty.

You can get an idea of the size of repairs needed from the surveyor.

If the issues are severe, seek quotes to determine what it will cost to fix.

If you’re not sure to buy the property, you can use the suggestions above as a bargaining instrument to lower the cost. You can also ask that you have the issues addressed by the seller prior to your exchange.

You can always quit the deal. Do not feel obligated to keep going since you’ve already paid for an inspection. There’s more than just the cost of repairs you must think about. Construction can be long and can be disruptive to families, and could be particularly difficult when there are children in the house.