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Man and Van London: What You Need to Know

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You might need the help of a man-and-van to move to another part of the city, or to deliver a wardrobe to your home. All cases are different and you might not need this service. We often receive calls from people who don’t properly assess their situation and ask for the wrong service. Let’s take a look at the man and van service options under the microscope so you can make the right decision when it comes.

1. What is the difference between a man and van and a regular moving service?

These are both services that one can use to move their home or workplace. Man and van services can be used for smaller scale relocations. They are usually located within the city limits. These services require a van rather than a lorry and therefore, fewer movers will be required to complete the job. For more complicated removals where expensive items need to be transported, regular moving services can be used. They offer greater insurance coverage.

Important distinction must be made: only man and van service providers can offer this particular service. Moving companies offer both man and van services, depending on their size.

It is important that you remember there are exceptions to every rule and that the company’s moving capacity will vary from one company to another. It all depends on the quality of the owner’s standards and how diligent employees are.

2. How do you choose the perfect man and van London company?

Research is key to choosing the right company. It’s that simple. These are the basics you should be looking for:

Reliability – Check their website and Facebook page. You can search the internet for articles and mentions about this company. Find the address of their office, and contact them directly.
Reviews – Not every company has a website that is well-maintained. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are poor service providers. Trustpilot and Yelp are good platforms to help you distinguish between legitimate agencies and fraudulent ones.
Insurance policy – Look for companies that provide full coverage and won’t deceive you. Keep in mind that movers won’t usually reimburse you for damages caused by the way you packed the item.

Many scammers love the man and van service, regardless of where they are located. You need to be alert and ask lots of questions. Require information about:

What type of vehicle they use
How many movers will arrive on your property?
Similar relocations?
They can also refer customers to you.
They work with an insurance agency and they provide policy coverage
Hidden costs, taxes, and additional fees

Which type of van should I use?

People who provide man and van service in London usually have only one small or medium-sized van. You can fit around 40 or 15 boxes, a washer machine, a fridge, and one double bed in such a vehicle. You might consider looking for a larger vehicle that has more space if your move is larger than this. A Luton van can carry the contents of a typical 2-bedroom home. If your move is larger than this, you’ll need to either hire multiple vans or a larger vehicle such as the 7.5-tonne van box.

4. How to prepare your items when you use a man and a van?

To ensure that the move goes smoothly after the van arrives, there are many things you should do. These are the main points:

Secure all of your belongings and pack them carefully. You may be charged more if you aren’t 100% prepared for the packing. It will be a huge time-saver to have specialized packing materials and moving crates provided by your mover.

You can label the boxes according to your home. This will make it easier for your man with a van and save you time later. Labelling is crucial when moving a business.

You should arrange for parking. Parking spots should be available directly in front of both the old and new property. If the van is parked further away than the property, it will cause an increase in the time required to move and additional costs.

Make a plan, and then share it with professionals. It is crucial to communicate well with the man and van service provider in London. The first thing you should do when the van arrives at you place is to discuss your expectations about how the entire process will unfold.

5. What are the best times to use a man and van service?

In many cases, the man-and-van service can prove to be very beneficial. We have listed some of the most common situations where such services can be helpful:

You can move one item.
You want to be able to move quickly and in the same day.
If you’re moving to a nearby area.
You can save money by doing the heavy lifting and packing yourself.
Students from colleges and universities who want to live in a dormitory that is efficient within the city limits.

These types of removals may not be for everyone, as you can see. Avoid hiring a man-and-van if you:

You need to transport expensive items such as antique furniture or art pieces.
You have too many boxes. It is sometimes better to hire a domestic removals service that will move all your belongings in one large truck.
You can spread your belongings in more than 4 or 5 vans.
Professional packing is recommended if you wish to have your belongings safely packed. We have already mentioned that the quality of packing services provided by specialist companies is rare.

There you have it. These tips will make it easier for you to assess your needs and communicate your requirements with your delivery or relocation experts.