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Plantation Shutters are Energy Efficient

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Are you looking to upgrade your blinds? This article we’re going to tackle the question whether plantation shutters are worth them? Whether you’re looking to increase worth of your home or save on energy costs shutters made of plantation provide a lot.

Overall it is worth the cost. Plantation shutters are a high-quality window treatment and have several advantages over other types of window treatments. Plantation shutters are long-lasting, long-lasting, and practical.

In this post, we’ll detail who is most likely to benefit in plantation shutters. We will also explain the features that make these shutters distinctive and what makes them stand out from other styles.

The Reasons why Plantation Shutters are worth the investment in your home

There are a variety of reasons shutters with plantation can be beneficial at home. It is possible to look at the initial cost and decide quickly to drop the options available, however, several hidden advantages will make these shutters worth the investment.

Here are eight compelling reasons to choose plantation shutters are an excellent decision:

Sturdy in the winds
Energy efficient
Safety for children and pets
A long-term investment in your home
Easy to make use of

As you can observe, there are plenty of pros to these shutters. But how applicable are each of these for your specific situation? Let’s find more in these sections.

Plantation Shutters look stylish.

The plantation shutters have been around for more than a hundreds of years, but it first gained popularity in the south-central United States. This style of window cover is also gaining popularity in California.

Given that shutters like these have been around for so long, it’s a pretty assured bet that this type of shutter design and installation will remain stylish in your home for a number of years to come.

Plantation shutters can also be found in various colors and materials. In contrast to cheap blinds made of paper that are made of paper, shutters are typically made from top quality hardwood and coated with a deep stain. There is no doubt that you’ll begin to feel like a queen with the plantation shutters covering your windows.

Plantation Shutters have Low Allergens

Because of the clean and sturdy make-up of shutters for plantation, they are not severe dust collectors as curtains. If you do need to dust the louvers allows them to be cleaned easily.

This might not be an issue for everyone, however other people will recognize how awful their allergies can be and will be more than grateful for any relief. Additionally, if you have relatives who struggle with allergies who visits from time to time and is also a bit irritable, they will appreciate some respite from the constant sniffing.

Plantation Shutters are sturdy in the Wind.

Are you one of those who opened your windows on a breezy summer day and then closed them just five minutes later? If the answer is yes, it’s likely that winds were blowing through your blinds or curtains across the kingdom.

With plantation shutters, you do not have to be concerned about this. The way they are built makes them hold firm against winds. You can enjoy the breeze and fresh air, while maintaining some privacy.

Plantation Shutters are Energy Efficient

The strength of the shutters gives them more than blinds to light. Depending on the shutters you purchase, you will reduce the need for air conditioning in the summer, and increase the heat in winter.

This is one way you could earn some money to pay back the initial investment. Sure, you could spend more on blinds but it won’t necessarily make any return on energy efficiency.

All of these reasons are why plantation shutters can be a great option for any area experiencing extreme temperatures or extreme cold.

Plantation Shutters provide Privacy

Of course, every kind of window treatment has been designed to give you privacy. But, do they actually provide privacy? Plantation shutters are among the top options, here’s why. . .

As we’ve said before Plantation shutters don’t blow around when it’s windy, which means you’ll be able to have peace with your windows open.

A different thing you may not be aware of, shutters with plantation design will provide protection from sound. Thus, if you reside near a busy street or have a noisy neighbor and you live in a noisy area, the shutters can be a barrier to ensure the peace of your home.

Plantation shutters are safer for pets as well as Children

What do blinds have the plantation shutters do not? Answer: tons of snazzy and dangerous cords.

There are a ton of ways for pets and children to be caught in the long hanging cords of most blinds. The small objects which are often used as handles could become a choke risk.

With plantation shutters you don’t need to worry about this. You’ll have the security of knowing that your children won’t be tripping at the cords that hang from your blinds.

As another note, the superior shutters come with wireless controls , allowing you to control the privacy level and light inside your home from the ease of your sofa.

The shutters can be fixed with locks, adding (be it tiny) a level of security to your house.

Plantation Shutters can be a long-lasting Investment for Your Home

Plantation shutters are not an all-inclusive addition to your home, but they can certainly increase the value of your home. Here are several ways shutters for plantation can make an impact on your home.

First, plantation shutters are durable and will last you for a long time. If you’ve seen blinds that are tattered and damaged, you’ll be aware that windows aren’t all made of the same material. With quality shutters, you know the home you live in will remain secure and safe for the duration you require.

In addition, plantation shutters improve the aesthetics of your house. If you decide to sell, buyers are more likely to buy a home with already installed shutters of the highest quality.

As we have already pointed out, shutters with plantation design will likely help you save energy. If closed, shutters of plantation will provide some insulation.

Plantation Shutters Are Easy to Use

Have you ever pulled up a roll down blind for ten minutes struggling to get them down or roll them up? Are you aware of drawstring blinds which become crooked. Sometimes it’s difficult to correct, and you’re left with a shabby set of blinds.

Not so with shutters that are plantation. These don’t have any pulling springs that tangle, a strange pull-spring or other nebulous technologies. They are simply opened when you’d like to open them then close them as need them to close.

Some reasons why plantation shutters might not be worth the investment

We’ve listed a few reasons that shutters made of plantation are worth your investment of time and money. There is no freebie in life so are shutters made of plantation. Here, we’ll discuss a variety of reasons why shutters for plantation plants might not be worth the cost.

Here are the details:

This is not an easy DIY
Some maintenance
Not easy to change

Here are some negatives. We’ll go over them further down.

Plantation Shutters are Expensive

Like all things, you receive what you pay for. Plantation shutters tend to be among the most costly window treatments. If you’re financially not ready to purchase these shutters, then there’s no reason to put your budget in a strain by trying to finance them.

It is better to wait until you have set aside enough funds before you jump into the venture.

The price of plantation shutters could range from $150 to $300 per window. Plantation shutters likely require a professional installation that will cost you more.

If you’ve got the necessary tools and prefer to build with your hands you can easily make your own DIY shutters that plant in the ground.

Plantation Shutters Are Not an Easy Self Install

If you’re not especially handy, and you don’t have the time or the tools to properly install shutters for plantation Then you’ll likely want to engage an expert.

Of course, you can install them by yourself. If you’re an ambitious person then you’ll probably be able to do great work. However you must be aware that this isn’t going to be like installing a cover for an outlet. Plantation shutters need to be precisely installed to function correctly.

Plantation Shutters Require Maintenance

If you live in a humid zone or an area that has temperatures that fluctuate between highs and lows, then you can expect to conduct some routine maintenance to your shutters.

Because shutters are typically constructed of wood, they will expand and contract depending on the seasons, and could even loosen the hinges. It’s not uncommon to tighten them up every now and then – not a horrid task however, it is something to contemplate.

You can also combat this problem by installing shutters that are not made of wood.

Plantation Shutters cannot be easily altered

If you decide to install shutters made of plantation in your home, should not do it lightly. You could paint the bathroom once every month; however, due to the more complex installation process and expense of plantation shutters they’ll be locked in for a while.

Of course, most people will be happy to have shutters of this quality for many years. However, if you’re the person who is constantly changing their tastes, then you might feel a bit “locked-in” with such permanent shutters.


Are shutters made of plantation worth the cost? It’s a choice you have to take for yourself. Of of course, if money was the only thing to consider, we’d recommend it. However, every person’s situation differs.

There is no doubt that if choose to install shutters for plantation they will provide you with privacy, security of the elements style, and safety for your family and pets for a long time.