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Pros and Cons of a Utility Sink in the Laundry Room

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Sinks for laundry in the utility room are helpful however, they come at a cost. If you must soak something, or simply wash a few items, they can be an ideal solution. But, additional plumbing is required to connect a to a utility sink. The problems of space are a major concern in particular if your home is tiny. When you understand what the pros and pros and take a shrewd decision on installing a utility sink in your laundry room.

Pro: Usefulness

An utility sink can be a a useful fixture when you only have one or two items to wash. It isn’t necessary to use up your energy to run the washer, or wait for the full load to be completed. Additionally, you can wash things that are very dirty within the sink to prevent filling the kitchen or bathroom sink with sludge.

Pro: Convenience

It’s convenient to have an in-laundry room. If you need to soak a garment for a couple of hours then you do not have to utilize the bathroom or kitchen sink. Because these are sinks that are frequently used that are not functional when you soak the object. The utility sink can eliminate the issue of having family members brush their teeth at the kitchen sink, while your bathroom is utilized.

The convenience factor is an advantage with the sink that is located in a laundry room.

If you need to soak your pilas de lavar for a couple of hours, you don’t need to make use of the bathroom or kitchen sink.

Pro: Washing Large objects

Big objects may be cleaned in a sink to wash laundry. For instance the kitchen sink could be too small for washing the roasting pan that is large. For those who cook with a big group of people cleaning pots and pans using a kitchen sink will be much easier.

Con: Extra Space

A lot of space is required in the laundry room to accommodate the sink. If you reside in a smaller house, the laundry space could become congested with the installation of the sink. This may be against building codesthat stipulate the size of laundry rooms.

Con: Plumbing

A second plumbing system is required to run a sink. Sinks require warm and cold water supply and a proper drain that has an air vent. If the home doesn’t have these plumbing, it must be put in. Walls might need to be ripped out for the pipes to be run through and later, they will need to be repaired. If a plumbing professional does all this, the price is likely to be significant. In addition, Consumer Reports Magazine states that vents must be fitted over the drainpipe, too. This could be a significant expense since vents have to go through the roof in order to meet conformity with the code. Another consideration is the electrical code as a tub can’t be set close to an outlet or electrical panel. .

Additional plumbing is required for the sink.

It can result in a substantial cost since the vent must penetrate the roof in order to meet compliance with code.