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Pros and Cons of Laying Turf In May

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The month of May can be of promises. It’s all about sunshine, birdsong and getting your garden set for summer. This blog will will look at the pros and cons of installing lawn in May.

In the past two decades , and even more it has always been the busiest month for our customers support, harvesting dispatch and transportation teams. Gardeners across the UK typically lay grass in the month of May. Here’s why.

4 reasons to lay turf in May

1. It’s a pleasant temperature to work in.

When the sun comes out and you see greenery in the garden all around you, the garden bug bites. The urge to head out and get the garden ready for outdoor dining is too much. Do you really want to re-design the garden you have if it was frigid cold outside? What if it were hot? Absolutely isn’t it. May is a good compromise.

2. Longer days can help you stay clear of the dangers of sod heating

Sod heating can be a significant issue for those working with turf. When the temperature of the air increases, it increases the likelihood of your turf becoming unsustainable because of this devastation. It is essential in hot conditions to have all your turf installed on the same day of delivery. It’s easier in the event that it’s light at least the end of the night.

3. It is also more brittle.

The ability to prepare your soil in a proper manner is essential when making a turf. The month of May is common for soil to become damp, but not soggy, well-drained but not completely dry. This is exactly what you’re looking for when you lay turf.

Turf can be laid at any point of the all seasons. September and October are popular months for landscapers as the turf will have enough time grow before it is subjected to severe wear and wear and tear. But, as long as that the ground does not freeze and the grass is maintained well-watered up until it is established. In the middle of summer, the newly-grown lawn is able to be observed and not walking on. Additionally, it could require all the time to ensure it stays alive.

4. The plants develop faster in soil that is warm.

Look around you. How quickly are lawns, trees, plants, and shrubs grown in the last couple of weeks? Laying grass in May makes sense since this is the month when plants really want to expand. There are leaves and stems rising above the ground, and you can tell it’s the root system that’s also growing rapidly.

The reason is that the soil is humid and warm. It’s the ideal environment for growth of plants. The process of establishing turf is about stimulating roots to grow. This is the reason Turfonline suggests the use of a fertiliser that is pre-turfed.

Do you need to avoid installing turf in May?

Do not put in turf in May, if

You’ll be taking a vacation in the next 4 weeks. If you are required to be away from the premises, be sure that you’ve set up a plan for your turf area to be irrigated while you are away.

When the weather is scorching hot. It’s not always the case in the UK but when it is scorching, turf laying near me can be difficult work and the chance of sod heating is high. If you are required to lay turf in May, and the weather is extremely warm you can order your turf in small amounts and have it installed and watered within 4-8 hours after the delivery.