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Questions around flood risk assements

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We’ve supplied answers to several of most often asked questions about Flood Risk Assessments.

What’s the Flood Risk Assessment?

A Flood Risk Assessment report is a report which identifies the main Flood consequences to a development site, like a parcel of land for brand new housing. A Flood Risk Assessment is needed, in case needed, to identify mitigation measures to lower the possible effect of flooding. In general, flood Risk Assessments are published as a separate document included in a planning application, but may be integrated into some other files like drainage strategies.

What’s a Flood Risk assessment? So why do we want one?

Over five million houses in the UK are at risk of flooding, such as from:

Drinking water at the surface;
Tidal / Coastal; and

Almost any recent development in just a flood risk zone will most likely call for a flood risk Assessment together with the planning program. Our Flood Risk Assessments do not only estimate the chance of flooding, additionally, they determine proper mitigation measures to guarantee that a development is risk-free from flooding.

Does my Development need a Flood Risk Assessment?

Your planning application might also require a flood danger assessment, based on where your website is located. Whenever a Flood Risk Assessment is needed, the info below is going to provide an instructions manual. You are able to also obtain a quote from our Hydrology staff, who is going to be pleased to go over some needs you might have.


In case you’re inside a flood Zone of three or perhaps four, and are more than 1 hectare in size, you’ll be expected to post a flood Risk Assessment.

You are able to work with an internet application to decide in case your home is in a Flood Zone, or possibly what category it falls into.


As part of your respective planning application, in case your neighborhood is categorized as having high probability or a moderate of flooding, you are going to need to finish a Flood Risk Assessment.

There’s an internet tool available from the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) which is going to tell you whether your home has a medium or maybe high flood risk.


In case your improvement is in Flood Zones C2 and C1, it is going to require a Flood risk Assessment.

For the flood zone B, you are going to need to look at the amounts of your website against intense flood extents, that are mapped by Natural Resources Wales.

The above mentioned Flood Maps are created utilizing a Flood model identified As JFLOW, that has some level of generalisation and imprecision, as well as Flood defences aren’t taken into account. As an outcome, Flood Maps can be utilized as a way to find out if a Flood Risk Assessment is necessary for your home.

We are able to advise you in case a Flood Risk Assessment is needed, do get in contact.

What’s the Flood Risk Assessment?

Work on the website or walkovers;
Testing for Infiltration;
Appraisal of the website Initial
Modelling Floods;
Tips on Flood Mitigation, Drainage, Surface Water Attenuation as well as Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) – Advice and Sizing