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Read This Before Buying Your Next Dining Room Table

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A dining area that is well-designed can be the focal point of your home. The main focus of the space is your dining table. These tables are very practical and make very impressive by their diverse designs. From the size and shape of the table to the materials, you’ll find many factors to consider prior to deciding on the dining table to fit your space.

Dimensions in the Dining Room

When choosing furnishings for the home, size of space must be considered. Examine the dimensions of your dining space or kitchen that is open to where the dining table will be placed. This will provide some idea about the size of a design that you’ll want next time you go to shop. The ideal distance between the edges the dining table against your wall or other furniture piece, must be three feet. This will give enough room that you can move the chair as well as enough room to walk across the table.

The Style in the dining Room

In accordance with the style of the home Choose a dining table that complements your dining space. It doesn’t matter if it’s modern, traditional, Scandinavian or a rustic table, the dining table should reflect the surroundings. There are many tables that blend in with the existing decor.

Country style traditional: Large farmhouse dining tables and exposed wooden surfaces

Traditional or traditional styles Pieces that have distinctive features such as cabriole legs that are curled or embellishments, as well as designed aprons

The modern and the contemporary. Straight edges and clean-lined designs made of glass, wood or even metal.

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Industrial: Metal and wood dining tables

Scandinavian Simple and clean pieces with table tops that are slim and splayed or angled legs

If you decide to take a more eclectic approach the design of your dining table is a good centerpiece and complement every aspect of the space.

The Ideal Shape

The dimensions of your dining space will determine the design of your table. If you’ve got a tiny space, a 36 to 44 inch square four-seater dinner table as well as a circular dining table with a size of 36-48 inches will prevent the room from appearing tight. You can also select a triangular-shaped dining table. These tables can seat up to six people , depending on the location and the dimensions.

Rectangular circular, oval, or circular tables are perfect for spaces that are formal with the former being more for classic designs. If you have space to allow for circulation, a 72 inch long rectangular table is the best choice for six persons, while a rectangular table that is 96 inches long will comfortably accommodate eight guests.

Materials and finishes

Selecting a high-quality and durable materials will directly impact the care and durability of the dining tables over the long term. If you decide to go with a wooden dining table, make sure to opt for hardwoods like mahogany, walnut or teak. However the benefit of choosing the dining table with glass tops is that it can be used with a variety of styles. Furthermore, since glass tables reflect light which means they give a lighter and brighter look to the space. Glass tops are moderately easily cleaned, fingerprints and chips on edges are not uncommon.

Another material you could select is the medium density fiberboard (MDF). The material is known for its strength and high-quality treated MDF is also simple to wash. Quartz and granite tabletops are also a beautiful and easy to maintain alternative for modern interiors. If the wood has been painted or lacquered, you can make use of a damp cloth cleanse it. Beware of using polish for furniture since it will leave a residue after time. Quartz and granite can be easily cleaned with the same manner.

What is the type of Use

Before you purchase, think about how you intend to use the table you have chosen for dining. If, for instance, the dining room table you have is regularly utilized by your entire family, select sturdy medium-sized or large-sized tables that are constructed from durable materials. But, if your dining table is not used as often, consider more attractive options, such as the patterned veneer finish on your table top.

If you are living in a house that is rented it is recommended to choose tables that are light and durable. Another alternative is to use Drop leaf table which allow the table’s top to be extended according to your needs. For outdoor use, the table from plastic or rattan is one of the best options.

What is the type of Seating

The best way to choose chairs for your dining table is to purchase the entire set , or look to chairs that complement the table in perfect harmony. However, times are changing and the eclectic look is slowly becoming more and more sought-after. Explore your creativity and try different designs for chairs in terms of form and design – and then give a touch of class to your dining space. When you decide to choose for your table you are able to mix-and-match seating options by using benches and chairs.

In addition to chairs for the tables, you can select a bench to be put on the opposite end of your table. It will not only help you save space, but it also adds the appearance of freshness your table.

By following these suggestions, selecting your dining room table needn’t be a problem and you’re now ready to transform your dining space the look it deserves.