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Reasons You Might Want To Consider A Temporary Storage Building

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The most significant benefit of a temporary relocatable structure is its speed as well as cost of its installation. The buildings also have the ability to be placed on nearly any surface without the requirement to have a base that has been prepared.

There are times in the world of business when space or the lack thereof can be a challenge. Perhaps you’d like to increase production, which requires more facilities and space for storage. Perhaps you’re looking to expand your warehouse facilities in order to cope with increased production. Perhaps you require additional loading space to secure your goods from damage in goods-in and despatch zones?

Finding a vacant property off-site isn’t always an practical or feasible option. And there are significant difficulties and hidden costs when you choose this option, as you’re faced with the challenge of additional staff and transportation to consider, as being obligated leases to sign, which could make you a subject to unwelcome lease agreements.

If you are contemplating the costs of a significant move to larger facilities, think about the advantages of constructing an erectable temporary structure that can be relocated…

1) Quick installation

From the initial conversation to discuss your requirements We can usually get your temporary storage buildings up and running within 7 to 21 days. This is ideal when you require short-term storage or an increase in productivity has been deemed a top priority.

2.) No groundwork preparation is required

The design’s beauty allows us to build our relocatable structures almost any surface. Of course it is more even the ground is, the more level it will be. If you’re looking to build a new building or create a standalone structure on your car park, this can be easy to achieve with this kind of structure.

3) It is easily expanded

If you’ve underestimated how much space you’re requiring, or are still in need of additional spaces, the temporary structures can be expanded quickly and effortlessly with minimal interruption to your business. Similar applies if you wish to decrease the dimensions of your temporary building.

4.) Operating costs that are cost-effective

Although the initial costs for setting up are much lower than setting up for a permanent building however, the majority of the time you can lower your business costs too. Since they’re classified as temporary (temporary) the temporary structures are not able to attract business charges.

5) Tax-deductible

Considered a plant, the expense of your temporary facility is tax-deductible, thus reducing the amount of your tax liability for the year. Corporation Tax liability.

6) Additional options available

Each of our buildings is available with a variety of options based on your operating requirements. Flooring that is heavy duty or integral can be added together with forklifts, pedestrian access doors, as well as internal partitioning.

If you believe one of our temporary structures can meet your immediate requirements or you would like more details on our complete selection of semi-permanent, temporary and permanent structures, please contact our specialists.