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The pros and cons of walk-in showers

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Sleek, modern and luxurious – 3 words which come to mind if you think of a walk in shower, right? Even though they are typically located in posh spas & hotels, walk in showers are rapidly becoming a favorite bathroom option for British homeowners.

If you are wondering whether a walk in shower is best for you, we have put together several of the key positives and negatives that you must consider.
Pro: There is a selection of layout options

A walk in shower is a contemporary form of shower without any doors along with a low tray, which means you are able to just walk in. Some walk-in showers are partly closed off with a wall or maybe panel of glass, but others work somewhat like a damp space and are totally open.

You will find three primary options to choose from:

Recessed: Perfect for changing a bath, a recessed walk in shower fits into an alcove.
Corner: Fits into any corner of the bath room, featuring 2 glass display screens to shut it in.
Floating: With one glass panel, this particular kind allows for walk through entry from one or the other side.

Con: They may be draughty

In a walk in shower with no enclosure, the moisture out of the bathtub spreads all over the bathroom. This could make the space feel cold, particularly in case your bathroom is chilly or maybe you feel the cold very easily.

There are some ways to get around this specific, however. A radiator is a traditional remedy, or maybe a glass-walled enclosure will capture heat and steam. Thermaskirt or perhaps underfloor heating will turn on cold tiles, along with including an additional touch of luxury.
Pro: Improved accessibility

Specially adapted showers decrease the chance of slips, trips and falls. Features such as slip-resistant floors and grab rails also provide additional support for people with mobility that is limited or disabilities. The doorless and potentially step free space permit a seat being installed, too.
Con: Water is able to make up

Because there is absolutely no bath or even stall to capture the water, any excess might be splashed all over the bathroom. Nevertheless, if designed properly, the floor of your respective walk in shower must slope slightly towards the drain therefore this does not occur. A curb can also assist with this particular.
Pro: They visually enlarge a bathroom

The bath room is frequently one of the smallest areas in a home. Whilst walk in showers are very small, they help to have the kitchen open. They work nicely with tough room designs, too – the recessed plus corner styles tuck nicely into an alcove or perhaps eave, making use of the existing wall space as all natural partitions.
Con: There is a greater cost

A walk in bath is often a little pricier than a regular bath, typically due to the high quality glass & specialist drainage devices needed. They are worthwhile in the end in case you are dreaming of including an ensuite, performing a magnificent bathroom revamp or just refitting a little shower room.
Pro: Cleaning them is easy and quick

Mouldy shower curtains are something of yesteryear when you’ve a walk in bath! They develop a seamless design, so we have much less crannies and nooks to clean up in contrast to a typical shower.
Pro: They are a lot better for the environment

Replacing a bath with a shower is generally better for the planet, whilst also helping lower water and also power costs. Based on the Guardian, the common eight minute shower uses sixty two litres of water that is hot compared to eighty litres for the typical bath.