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The pros of portable buildings

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The construction sites need a broad array of facilities for variety of reasons, ranging including catering, on-site management and employees, to accomodating guests and customers. Facilities include toilets, showers and catering spaces, change rooms, and offices. When you’re working on an construction project and are in a hurry to meet a strict budget and timeframe, creating structures and facilities that meet the requirements of your employees as well as your clients can be labor-intensive and expensive.

While conducting a construction job, workers and supervisors often have to leave the office building that they work in for prolonged periods. But, even in this period it’s important to finish office work and ensure that all documents on site are current and well maintained – that’s why having a space for office at the site is vital. A workplace on site is especially crucial for project managers since it allows for them to review plans, have meetings and arrange important documents.

Instead of wasting time and money trying to create an office that’s temporary at your building site, let us give you all the information you should be aware of Portable Office offices and how they can benefit both you and your employees.

The benefits to portable workplaces.


The construction of a portable structure is much quicker than constructing the permanent structure you need to your site of construction. In fact, it requires 30 to 60 percent less time. Installing a portable office can reduce your business’s time and money. It will also enable you to concentrate on other tasks that are related to the construction project instead of making plans for building offices. When the project is finished, your temporary structure can be easily and quickly removed and relocated to a different project or site.


In the case of a construction firm you must try for ways to cut costs wherever it is possible. The hiring of a pre-built portable office is much cheaper than creating one from scratch. It can save your company money. The cost of renting the portable office kit is much lower than having to pay your employees extra to build an office structure that is permanent.


There is no need to be concerned regarding the standard of the portable office. Even though they are built swiftly and quickly does not mean they are compromising in terms of quality. Portable home & office site buildings in Brisbane are constructed using top-quality materials and designed in a controlled space with efficiency and safety in mind.

Construction that is eco-friendly

The option of hiring a portable workplace for your construction site is better for the environment as opposed to building one from scratch because of a number of factors. The first is that the construction time drastically reduced and, consequently, less pollution to the environment is created. The materials used in the construction of a portable office are already measured so that there is no waste from construction. Portable offices are completely recyclable and therefore extremely eco-friendly.

Furthermore, portable offices are energy efficient and designed to hold warmth in winter and quickly cool down in summer. This means that you won’t need to invest more money and use electricity to cool or heat the office, thus reducing the carbon footprint of your office.


In some instances it may be necessary to add more space to your office or alter it. Making changes to a permanent structure could be challenging, however, changing an office that is portable is relatively easy. Portable structures have been designed so that they are moveable and adaptable, so making adjustments and moving structures is simple. Portable offices are available in a variety of dimensions, styles and designs to satisfy the various needs and requirements.

Extras and facilities

Portable buildings can be adapted by adding a variety of options to suit the demands and demands of your business. Additional options you can include are kettles for wall mounting stainless steel sinks, kitchens, worktops, and much more.

The disadvantages of portable buildings

Site problems

Portable structures don’t require foundations, however they should be built on an even location. If you’ve got uneven terrain then you’ll have to get it leveled in order to stop the tiny structure from swaying or shifting. Portable structures can also be affected by movement if ground on which they sit is frozen or thawed.

This issue can be avoided by having solid foundation (for instance, footings or concrete slab) to allow your building built on. It will also ensure the structure is in a straight line.

In certain locations portable structures may have to be secured to secure them during strong winds. But, it is an easy task that is easily accomplished by using auger style earth anchors. They can be screwed to the ground and secure your portable structure to ensure that it is secure and stays fixed.

What information should be stored in a mobile construction office?

Each construction project requires meticulous planning and preparation in order to make sure that the project goes off without a hitch. The office space is a crucial part of this. It’s the location where workers go to when they arrive at the site, and also where visitors will first arrive at. Additionally, meetings on site are often held here as well which is why it’s essential that your office space is stocked with the essentials to accomplish your job. Below, we’ll review some of the most essential things you’ll need for your portable building.

Important documents

The most important documents and documentation relating the construction work need to be stored in your on-site office. The proper documentation must be available when the HSE arrives and also to explain the procedures to your employees.

Notice board

It’s essential to have a noticeboard in your office for construction so that you can show important details to your staff including emergency and fire plans as well as health and safety regulations and any updated documents or guidelines.

First aid kit

Always keep a first aid kit available in the event of any accident occurs. Construction is a high-risk occupation and having a first-aid kit available is crucial. It’s essential to follow the health and safety rules.

Accident book

If an accident occurs at your construction site, it’s essential that the incident is documented and recorded. Keep a book of accidents in your office for employees to fill out any time they experience an accident.

Equipment to protect yourself from fire

It’s essential to have proper fire safety equipment on any construction sites in the event that the fire starts. The fire protection equipment on site includes the fire extinguisher as well as a fire blanket, as well with a site-wide plan for fire safety. It’s important that your employees have a clear understanding of any fire protection procedures that you have in your place.

Site diary

The project manager must keep a journal on site throughout the day. In the diary it is essential that a daily log be kept in order to document the developments of the project as well as make plans for what is required to be accomplished. The site journal is essential to plan the weeks and days ahead and record any significant changes or improvements.