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The Top Features to Look for When Choosing a Walk-In Bathtub

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As more and more people declare the desire to live in place universal design –the idea of making homes more accessible to all who live in it– has been gaining prominence. One method to make a house more comfortable, accessible, and secure is through having a walk-in tub.

What are the benefits of Walk-in tubs?

The benefits of walk-in bathtubs are obvious. In addition to the safety factors, there are additional advantages to consider the reason why a walk-in tub is an ideal choice for every home. They’re particularly useful for those who suffer from chronic diseases or the aches and pains of aging.

Let’s examine the advantages of bathtubs with walk-in showers:

1. Created with safety in mind

Three million older people are treated in emergency rooms for falls every year, and most of those happen in the bathroom. Handrails as well as a seat with a texture and flooring, anti-scald safety Quick-fill and quick-drain choices and detachable spray spouts are a few of the safety features which come included in all walk-in bathtubs. The low threshold for entry as well as the grab bars that permit a person to lower themselves slowly into the tub are other ways to ensure safety.

A walk-in tub is solutions to the numerous issues that come with ageing in place. While a lot of people aren’t familiar with walk-in bathtubs but the name is quite precise. A walk-in bathtub is a bathbathtub with an opening door that allows the user to enter into the tub via the door without lifting their legs up over a hefty rail found on the traditional bathtub. They can then close the door, fill the bathtub, and enjoy the bathing sensation they’ve come to know without needing to lower themselves down in the tub. In a walk in bathtub the bather can remain in a seated position, as if they were sitting in their favorite chair!

2. Enhances the worth of your house

Accessible amenities can boost the value of your home, particularly if that home is within a retirement facility. Walk-in bathtubs are a staple of a house that lets multiple generations live under one roof, which can be appealing to buyers of all ages.

3. There is plenty of room to those who may need an extra bit

Walk in bathtubs can be found in many models designed to accommodate those who require special care. For instance, a bariatric tub can support all the weight needed by a bigger person, and some bathtubs are wheelchair-friendly. Those who have trouble sitting straight can benefit from the advantages of a tub that allows them to recline in the water.

4. The benefits of hydrotherapy

It’s a fact that a spa tub that is jetted is luxurious. However, the benefits of hydrotherapy are apparent. Properly placed jets can ease the pains and aches of chronic conditions, relax muscles, boost blood flow, and promote general wellness by promoting relaxation and mental health benefits.

5. Often fits into the existing bathroom space

If you’re looking for something that has numerous benefits over a regular bathtub one might believe it occupies a lot more space. In reality, walk-in bathtubs are actually quite compact and fit in the space used by a typical bathbathtub. In reality, some may take up even less space. This will allow you to install shelves or other features within the bathtub.

Walk-in bathtubs are constructed to fit within the footprint of the standard bathtub and, therefore, are often constructed without significant floor changes avoiding costly budget overruns. A professional walk-in bathtub contractor will help you decide on the ideal size of a walk-in tub for your space, any plumbing or electrical adjustments you may need.

6. You don’t have to forfeit your shower.

A few walk-in bathtubs are offered in a combo bathtub/shower. This is ideal for families that have different generations living under the same roof. Because a walk-in tub can be installed where the existing bathtub is and the shower area remains in place. You just need to add the shower curtain for those who prefer to use the shower, and everyone will be happy.

Oftentimes, a walk-in bathtub is also able to make a stand-up shower, allowing bathers with all ages or capabilities to enjoy their preference.

7. Improved hygiene for those who have mobility challenges

For those with mobility issues, they may have difficulty with daily things we all think of as normal like showering or bathing. For homeowners who find it difficult to stand in the shower, or who have difficulty getting into and out of a regular bathtub could consider the walk-in bathtub for their needs for daily hygiene.

8. Potentially lower hospital costs

The safety features will help keep you safe from falls and other accidents as well as the benefits of hydrotherapy and better hygiene can keep a person healthier. These advantages can result in an improvement in health, fewer physician visits, and lower medical costs.

Professional Walk-in Tub Installation

Once you’ve uncovered the benefits of bathtubs with walk-in showers, it’s important to know that they require professional installation by a licensed contractor. This is a major undertaking that requires someone qualified and licensed to perform the plumbing, construction as well as electrical work.