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The Types Of Leicester Student Accommodation Out There

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One of the big worries for students is “when should I begin looking for accommodation for students?”.

It’s not easy! You don’t want to jump into the water and select the first house you see, but you also don’t want to leave it too late and miss that ideal home for your college. Don’t worry We’ve provided some tips and tricks below to assist you in making that big decision.

The ideal time to begin searching

There is no “right” moment to begin searching for accommodation for students but there are some crucial months in the year which might be more productive than other times. This can be contingent upon where you live or wanting to live. A recent student survey has revealed that the market for rental properties in London offers a much quicker turnaround than the norm for the rest across the UK. This means that it might be easier to begin searching for your ideal home close to the time you’d like to move in if you’re going to school in London. There’s also no harm in looking early to gain a sense of the types of properties offered and what appeals to you most.

For other regions, some the most favorable months to begin thinking about and looking for your next place are the following:

– October: This may seem a bit early, but since most students only began their courses in September, however, it’s a good plan to start getting the flyers out and talking with potential flat/housemates on what they’re planning for the coming academic year. Engaging with other students in the first or second year will help get the pace and affect your decision on the type of accommodation you are looking for. Some student studios Leicester providers also start advertising and opening their bookings for the following academic year around October-November time So if you’re trying to secure your home or flat in the early months, October is the ideal timing for you. It is possible to receive “early birds” discounts when you book or securing your slot early and in the long run will allow you to save money.

January: Following the hype of Christmas it’s nice filling the January blues by doing a some house hunting. This time of the academic year, you’re aware of the type of accommodation you’re looking for and who you’d like to reside with. If you’re still trying to figure this out, January is the ideal month to think about and decide on these issues. There should still be plenty of options for housing to pick from. It’s also a good idea to have enough students in the exact boat as you, so finding people to live with (that you like and know) is still relatively straightforward.

Make sure you do your homework, but be quick. As mentioned above, a lot of students prefer to remain open to options and begin looking for university accommodations around January time. It could mean that you are competing with other students to find the perfect place.

– March onwards: For the majority of regions that are in March, it is possible to be viewed as “late” when it comes to what you are looking for (with London being the exception.) Some providers may already be sold out of the most rooms however you there are still a few choices to pick from up until May. The longer you’re leaving it beyond May the less options you’ll be left with. There’s always the possibility that someone who had booked early in October might pull out of their lease at the last minute – meaning you can grab their space! Do not rely on this to happen if you have the perfect home in mind since dropping out isn’t a guarantee, and you could be left out.

What are the things to consider when you are looking for student accommodation

You can easily get lost in the hustle and bustle of home hunting, and it’s easier to become overwhelmed. With so many options to think about so we thought we’d offer you some assistance. This list outlines the most important factors we think will aid you in your path of decision-making!

The different types of accommodation available there

There are many accommodations options for students. From private-rented homes to PBSA’s (purpose constructed student housing) and student housing to student halls. Whatever you’re looking for is likely to be found. The trick is deciding early on which type is suitable for you. Are you a fresher student who is looking to share an apartment in your second year? Are you a fresh university student looking to move into a housing arrangement that is shared, like student halls? Perhaps you’re a sophomore student thinking about renting privately. Whatever the case be sure to do your homework. If you’re not sure of what to look for, or perhaps you’re a bit uncertain about the choices available check out our blog post on the various types of student housing to get familiar with yourself.

Your budget

It might seem like something that is easy, but it’s easy to get distracted. Set your budget prior to the time to ensure you have a budget to think about when looking for your next house. Certain properties include bills however, others do not. Be on the lookout for this and make sure if they don’t offer bills, you can still fit this into your budget. This is especially important if you’re looking at privately rented properties.

The location

Consider where you’d like to reside. Do you have enough transportation options to get around? Is it close to the campus of the university? What’s the atmosphere like? Is it a student-friendly area or will you be in the middle of everything? Whatever you want and need to consider, you’re looking for student accommodation that matches your style of living. This could make your search more time-consuming (especially when you have particular ideas in your head), but in the long run you’re more than likely to discover the ideal match and fall in love with your new residence and loving your new home will make your next year’s academic life much more enjoyable!

You can choose who you would like to live with?

As we mentioned earlier as previously mentioned, it’s a good idea to ask to know early who will be looking for housing for the next academic year. This will help you make your choice about not only the people you’d like to live with, but also the type of accommodation you’ll need to search for. For instance, if you are several of people who want to live together, then you’ll have to find a place that will accommodate everyone. On the other hand when there’s just two of you and you’d prefer to keep it this way (no strangers allowed) then you’ll need to alter your search in order to locate smaller houses to share.

If you’re a student entering your the first year of their studies there are numerous websites and groups that you are able to join in advance to connect with fellow students. This can be handy for discovering who is looking for flatmates and accommodation, so that you can get to know each other and make plans to live together. If you know of people going to the same university as you and you would like to share a room with them, it’s always handy to look for places where you can book a group so that you can be sure you’ll be in the same place.

Is it a problem if your too late?

Though it may seem as if you’re at the bottom of the earth if you’re not able to get the perfect home you’ve always wanted in the comfort of your own home, you’re never too late to find student housing. There will still be alternatives available to you, they just might not be your first choice. The location could be not exactly what you expected The number of rooms could be a few too many to your taste However, you’ll have the option of a place to be a home for the next academic year. If you’ve got the perfect home in mind, it is always best to begin your search early – remember that once you have signed the contract, your preferences most likely can’t be altered!

If you’re in search of your ideal student residence, take a look at our wide selection of student accommodation across the UK. Every one of our properties is offered with all the bills included to take extra stress away.