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When should you replace your front door?

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Are you aware of how old the front door of your house is? You might have purchased your house and changed doors or relocated a few years ago, but never gave it a second thought.

A uPVC door is estimated to have a longevity of 20-25 years. wooden doors and composite doors are predicted to last for at least 30 years, but what do you know when that it’s time for the door repaired?

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There are some indications that it’s the right the right time to replace your front door:

1. The front door isn’t easy to open and close.

Certain doors can be adjusted to make them more comfortable to use, but for some the process can be quite a challenge. Although grabbing a tin of WD-40 is an essential option for many homeowners, it might not be able to solve the issue in the long term.

The weather and the use of the door can be a burden even the most robust of doors for entry in the course of time. The fluctuation in temperature means that the door can expand and contract based on the time of year, which makes the issue of sticking door more apparent during the cold winter months.

2. It’s susceptible to the draughts

Cold spots and draughts both of these issues are most often highlighted by colder weather. Often, it’s not necessary to have an appearance from the “Beast from the East to cause these signs to show up. The heat that escapes your home can result in heating on the central system for long periods in order to keep the temperature at a reasonable level. Although draught excluders may help by temporarily covering the issue, a new entrance door will ensure that the warmth stays in your home and will save the cost of energy.

3. The door is weathered, warped, or damaged.

Some doors in the entryway require some TLC to ensure they are durable and appear the best. Through time, many doors will exhibit wear and tear due to the diverse climate that we experience within our region of the North East. The door’s exterior can crack or even break if subjected to sunlight for prolonged periods and also affect its thermal effectiveness.

4. The front door of your house is old

Even if the door you have is in good shape it’s probably the right time to think about replacing it. Doors constructed more than 10 years ago weren’t designed to meet the requirements of modern-day living, as stated in the country’s Building Regulations. U-value is a measure of how much heat could be transferred to a building. For doors that has a lower U-value is, the better in retaining warmth for a home.

In 2006, Building Regulations stated that doors for new construction properties must have an U-value at least 2.0 W/m2K. Nowadays windows and doors that are replaced must be fitted with U-values of 1.6 W/m2K. There are a few doors that have U-values lower than this standard. If you replace your door, you can expect savings in your energy bills, as well as your home being able to maintain a pleasant temperature throughout the.

5. It’s an eye-sore

While retro-inspired designs are generally regarded as a trendy trend in interior design, old and outdated doors can negatively impact the appeal of your home’s exterior and may even devalue the value of your home. The replacement of your front door will give the homeowner a blank surface to design your own and offers many options to customize to make the ideal entrance for your home.

If you are looking for a classic or contemporary style There is sure to be a door from our selection that meets your preferences. Select from a variety of colors palette that includes wood grain colors that give the natural look of wood.

With our dual colour selection you can select one hue to complement the exterior of the home , and another to compliment its interior. Additionally, you can pick from a range of side and top panels that will increase the amount of light in the front of your house.