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Why a Freestanding Fireplace?

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Fireplaces are sought-after by prospective buyers as well as homeowners.

They’re functional and decorative and bring class, warmth energy, and real warmth into your home.

It is expensive to install a fireplace even if you have one already.

There is however an option that is cheaper that is freestanding fireplaces.

Freestanding fireplaces offer the comfort and warmth of fireplaces without the hassle and expense of building one into your wall.

Is an open-air fireplace the best option for you?

This article will go over everything you should think about in making your choice.

Why choose a Freestanding Fireplace?

A standalone, or freestanding fireplace is exactly the same as it sounds. It’s freestanding, which means it is not required to be constructed into a home like fireplaces traditionally are.

This could be appealing to homeowners who want a fireplace , but do not have the money to build an in-home fireplace.

If you’re in need of an indoor fireplace and you are thinking of an open-air fireplace, think about the features you would like to get from the fireplace.

Do you need something that will heat your home? Or are you looking for something to enhance the value of your home?

It is true that building a fireplace into your home is a costly project. However, you can get a profit from that investment if you choose to sell your house.

If having a fireplace something you’d like to have to relax in but a more affordable freestanding fireplace could be the better choice.


Although installing a freestanding fireplace is less difficult than installing an in-built fireplace, there is some setup required based on the model you select.

If your fireplace or stove requires venting it is necessary to install a chimney pipe. However, there are ventless or even electrical models which do not require chimneys.

There are other options regarding your fireplace’s location if choose to install a freestanding fireplace. You can maximize the efficiency of your fireplace’s heating by putting it in a central spot to allow the heat to radiate across all directions.

If you’re thinking of installing a fireplace into your home but don’t intend to tackle a remodeling project and a freestanding fireplace is the best choice for your requirements.


There are three choices in freestanding fireplaces: gas, wood and electricity.

Some of them will require venting, while others don’t.

Fireplaces made of wood require venting, so be sure to consider the cost of installing a chimney pipe when you decide to purchase wood stove.

Ventilation is often required in a gas fireplace that is freestanding. If you don’t wish to face the burden of installing a pipe it is possible to consider an unventilated gas fireplace which doesn’t require venting towards the outside.

There’s some controversy over the safety of ventless gas fireplaces actually are So, be sure to study the subject thoroughly and figure out the proper way to operate the appliance to ensure that you don’t cause risks to your health.

For either type of gas fireplace, it is necessary to connect it with a gas line which means you should be aware of the costs of installing a gas line , or adding a new line in your total costs.

The most low-maintenance and cost option is a stand-alone electric fireplace, which generates heating using electricity instead of burning.

They require minimal maintenance and are very easy to set up.

In reality the fact is that freestanding electric fireplaces are unable to offer the same warmth as other fireplaces.

If you’re looking for an extremely trendy, modern model, they could be costly.


There’s absolutely no difference between a freestanding fireplace as well as a traditional fireplace when it comes to the aesthetic value they add to the home.

If you’re firmly committed to the traditional look of fireplaces or are hoping to increase the value of your home, you should definitely pay the expense of the built-in fireplace.

But, it doesn’t mean that you cannot find a beautiful freestanding fireplace that will heat your home and add beauty to the decor.


If you’re looking for that familiar fireplace with wood burning but don’t want to spend the expense for installation and maintenance of a fireplace built-in There are many models that replicate the classic stone fireplace look at a fraction of cost.


Are you running out of storage space?

A lot of freestanding fireplaces are now equipped with shelves or cabinets attached that make them space-efficient.

This is an excellent place to keep all the books that you enjoy reading while reclining with a fire.


A stunning wood fireplace can provide a touch of luxury to any room. It is easy to achieve this look by using an unventilated gas fireplace.

Old School

It doesn’t matter if you love the classic style or simply want an easy way to heat your home, a wood burning stove will give you ample heat and keep you warm during those times when it’s cold outside.

They are a great option when you live in an area that regularly is power-deprived, since they do not require electricity to run.

Does it really matter?

The decision of whether an fireplace is worth the investment, it all is dependent on what fits your budget and needs.

Although they may be cheaper, it’s important to evaluate all the options considering that some of the top quality freestanding fireplaces are a quite a significant expense.

It is possible that you get a great value for money by opting for a fireplace with a built-in design considering the value that it will bring to your house.

Also, you should think about what you would like from your fireplace.

If you’re looking for something that’s will provide warmth in the event of a power outage then a wood stove may be the ideal choice.

However If you’re looking for an old-fashioned setting of relaxing in front of the stunning fireplace of stone and you have the money to make it happen perhaps you should consider incorporating a fireplace in your home.

There is no definitive response to that question. It’s all about what’s most effectively for you.