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Why choose resin bound paving?

Many people are moving away from the boring, blocky appearance of paving stones and concrete and prefer to treat their driveways with more natural appearance through resin bound surface. This option of surfacing makes use of the power of a driveway made of tarmac or concrete, but it overlays it with a mix of resin and washed , dried natural aggregates, giving it stunning stone-like appearance that doesn’t be scattered beneath your feet. It is pleasing to the eyes and durable enough to handle the rigors of heavy traffic resin bound surfacing offers an ideal blend of durability and elegance. But what are the other benefits it provide? Find out more in this listing of the advantages of resin bound surface.

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Easy and quick to apply

Resin bound surfacing has incredibly rapid setting and laying times for a standard driveway being completed in a matter of one or two days. It can stand up to heavy foot traffic for up to 6 hours after it is laid, which allows you to walk on and appreciate your new path or driveway within a matter of minutes. Also, with no needing to clean up the site this is an easy and clean choice.

Ideal for a range of applications

Because it has a the characteristics of being non-slip and easy to access the surface is suitable for various applications , including driveways, ramps for wheelchairs pathways, residential developments, and walkways to swim pools.

Low maintenance

After installation, the maintenance of resin bound surfacing could be any easier. A quick pressure washing every now and again is enough to keep your driveway looking impeccable. Resin bound surfaces also do not allow for weed growth so these invasive plants can easily be removed.

Smooth and smooth

Since the resin mix keeps the stones in place it produces a smooth, even finish that won’t scatter when you walk on it. This lets you appreciate a natural look without the hassles associated with it. The possibility of cracking and displacement is extremely unlikely.

Durable and tough-wearing

The durability of resin bound surfaces is due to the fact that it is laid on top of an existing tarmac or concrete surface which allows it to reap the advantages of durability and strength while remaining attractive.

High porosity

The open surface of this option provides it with a high porosity, which prevents ponding and allows for easy absorption and runoff. This is beneficial for any plant as the roots are able to have accessibility to the water. The negative effects of freeze/thaw cycles can be diminished because of the permeable nature of resin bound surfaces. The surfacing is able to be laid in accordance with SUDs guidelines for a sustainable drainage method. This kind of surface is especially beneficial in tree pits , where roots are kept hydrated.

Great decorative appeal

If you are looking to increase the curb appeal of your driveway and make a stunning driveway that will impress your guests and guests, then resin bound surfacing is the perfect choice. The stones used are made from natural stones and come in a variety of colors and sizes that allow you to create a custom and unique appearance of your driveway.

UV-stable resin

The material that holds the aggregates It is UV stable, which means it is not easily damaged in the sun’s rays. It is therefore able to resist getting discolored or breaking down and allowing it to keep its quality over time.

Non UV-stable resin

To save money on UV stabilized resins, non-UV stable is available to use on stone mixes with darker colors; This resin is durable and durable, but it will become light brown when exposed to sunlight within the first couple of weeks after the stone has been laid.