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Why Choose Wood Effect Tiles Over Real Wood Flooring?

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If it is high time the floor spaces of yours possessed a makeover, then why don’t you consider wood result tiles? Adored by interior designers and also architects up and down the nation, wood result tiles are the most recent flooring trend! Allow me to present you to them! Click on any picture in this particular blog to go to the tileā€¦
0 maintenance

While a rubber floor fits in with 2 leading design trends – the organic appearance as well as the country farmhouse look – organic wood needs regular treating and maintenance. It requires sanding and waxing frequently, to stop the tips from splintering. With wood result tiles, you do not need to be concerned about which! They are a durable, zero maintenance alternative. You just install them, and escape them by itself.

Wood effect tiles are incredibly lifelike! You would not think the system which goes into producing them. High definition pictures are taken of all-natural wood – finished with every grain and knot! These pictures are then printed upon the facial skin of tile! Grooves tend to be scored into the surface area of the tile, also, to provide them that naturalistic consistency.

Each and every tile has a wide range of various pages, so that there is a great variance across a floor space; the same as with a natural wooden floor!


As I am certain you are conscious in case you have got pets, natural cork boards scratch really simply. Also a great deal as taking away a chair in a dining table is able to leave ugly scuff marks. With wood result tiles, you are able to just forget about scratches. They’re much more durable compared to real wood, and will not succumb quickly to claws or maybe chair legs!

Anti slip

But you have got natural wooden floors in the bath room of yours, you may observe that you will sometimes slip when stepping in as well as from the bathtub and shower. This’s because the mixture of wood wax and a soft, sanded surface leads to hardly any friction, that is dangerous in areas in which the floors get damp, like in a bathroom. Tons of wood effect tiles include a gripping anti slip surface, to help bring security to slippery bathroom and damp room floors!

Discoloration resistant

If you have previously had a party guest unintentionally kick over a cup of wine that is white onto the blank rubber floors of yours, you will realize that taking out the stain is simply no menial job. Usually, it actually leaves an unsightly pink mark. With wood result tiles, nonetheless, you just mop up the wine and therefore are absolutely free to party the night out!
Sunshine resistant

In a bright conservatory, or a sunny patch beside a window or patio door, you’ll notice that the sunlight bleaches natural wood. It is going to lose the colour of its, and fade to a lifeless, muted tone. Wood effect tiles keep the surface colour of theirs, maybe even in probably the brightest sunlight! They will stay as brilliant as the day you initially laid them.

Ideal to be used with underfloor heating

If you want to heat up wooden floorboards, you would have to fork out thousands to use a wet underfloor heating program. Nevertheless, with wood result tiles, you are able to fit useful energy undertile heating mats in a significantly lower cost!