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Why use an architect to make your dream home a reality?

It is a dream for many to design and build their own homes. It usually starts in childhood when you start to write and begin to create the stereotypical pitched roof, square home with a chimney, and a path in its middle.
This sounds familiar?

As young as we are, we believe anything is possible. We have no limit to what and who we can become. It is important not to let our drive for building our own homes and ambition fade into adulthood.

Owning and building a self-built house is cheaper and easier than you think.

Be skeptical of reality TV shows that encourage people to try to do things on their own, but fail to hire the expertise and experience of a good RIBA Chartered Architect.

You can do it! All walks of life are capable of self-building. A Qualified RIBA Chartered Architect can help you make your dream home a reality.
What are architects Rochdale area responsible for?

Many people are not aware of the many benefits of working alongside an architect. Although they are licensed to design and receive statutory approvals like building control approval or planning permission, what else do they do?

The design, planning, and construction of many types of buildings is something that architects have done many times before. They will bring value for your self-build, creativity and design flair, project management, and peace of mind that your plan is moving in the right direction.
A good RIBA Chartered Architect will…

They will consult and assist you in developing your brief (your wishlist) by getting to know you & your family. It will allow them to realize your vision, taking into consideration your tastes, lifestyle, and budget.
You can use innovative and creative design ideas to save money on your project.
Save time, stress, money and effort by preparing drawings and documents that you can submit for planning approval.
You can submit drawings for Planning approval on your behalf. If necessary, you can also liaise to the planning authority to obtain additional information.
Once they have received planning approval, they will prepare technical drawing for Building Control Approval.
Conseillez-vous sur des consultants et contractors de qualité.
Form a team to find the best contractors and consultants for the job, within the given budget and time frames.
Your project team should be coordinated and led safely, in compliance with current legislation.
Manage time, process, people, and potential problems. And most importantly, manage your risk and budget!
To maximise your investment, you can add value to the scheme. They will understand you and know which opportunities to seek out.

Get to know your family

A great architect is a people person. They will communicate well with others and take the time to get to know you and your family.

After getting to know you and your desires and needs, your architect can help you visualize the way your new home will be used daily. They will be able create a design that suits the family’s needs at work, home, and future. The result is a family home that exceeds all your expectations and is enjoyable to enjoy.
Professionnal problem solvers

Architects are highly skilled in solving design issues and ensure that construction and project problems do not happen.

You will gain from the collective experience and training that RIBA Chartered Architects have, as well as their processes and procedures. Their experience will help you save time and money on your self-build project.

Because an architect is the overarching role, they can see the entire project from all angles. This means they can help you assess the potential risks and consequences of certain project decisions.

A realistic budget

Architects are familiar with the costs of construction and will frequently sense-check budgets to make sure you’re not overcommitting to a project.

A good RIBA Chartered Architect can help ensure that your home is built to a high standard. They will also make design decisions and create details that will serve multiple purposes, as well as enhance a space.

It is worth noting, however, that if you are unable to get the best service from a plan drawer for example, you will not be able benefit from all the architectural training and safety features of an RIBA Chartered Practice.

This could be a false economy. An architect who is good will often pay back their costs many times.
Selecting the right group

Architects can often help you choose the right contractors for your project and determine the scope and need of any other consultants. They will seek out qualified contractors and consultants who can provide competitive quotes to you. This ensures that you get the best service at a fair price.

They will usually coordinate the designs and manage the flow information from contractors and consultants to bring together the designs in a timely fashion.
The key to managing risk is architects

Key to managing risk, architects are essential.

The contract guarantees that the contractor will be paid on time. However, you are not required to pay more than the cost of the work completed at any stage in the project.

Contracts will address all possible outcomes, including what happens if the contractor doesn’t show up or delivers late.

It defines the payment terms, the resolution and settlement of the final accounts.
Health & Safety

An important aspect of the work of your architects is to plan your project so it poses no health or safety risks during construction as well as after you move in and your home has been fully operational.

Your architect will observe construction activities and make recommendations to address any risks. As work progresses they will be inspecting the construction’s quality and instructing removal or rectification of any condemned work.

They will communicate with the contractor to help them with their construction efficiency goals and to resolve any issues that may affect the work program.