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Why Use Waste Collection Services In Glasgow?

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The UK produces 400 million tonnes of waste each year. It is essential to keep the waste collection service in good shape! Business waste management that is strategic reduces time, effort and money. It will also ensure that waste is managed efficiently and in a cost-effective method.

Be on the safe side of the law.

Your company must adhere to your company’s requirements under the EU Waste Framework Directive, the legal framework that governs the collection, transport as well as disposal.

The organizations are legally required to:

You must ensure that waste is collected or disposed of in a safe manner without risking the health of humans.
Stop causing harm to our ecosystem
Make appropriate steps to promote the reduction or prevention of the production of waste.
Encourage the reuse of waste materials through recycling or recycling

If your company is able to generate an annual revenue in the range of PS2 Million or higher, and handles more than 50 tons of packaging materials You will be in the “obligated” packaging manufacturer category. One example of this framework are the regulations on pre-treatment which mandate that companies treat any waste that is not hazardous before it goes to landfill.

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Companies that could benefit from the services of waste collection

Though most businesses produce the same kind of waste Certain industries generate types of garbage that can be more challenging to get rid of. By hiring a professional collection service can ensure that your waste gets disposed of in a legal and proper manner and without having to be concerned about it.

Examples of waste from businesses that are more difficult to remove include:

Hazardous waste – chemicals aerosol containers, pesticides X-ray waste and toxic waste
Clinical waste – drugs sharps pharmaceuticals, dental waste, and other sharps
Broken or old electrical equipment Mobile phones and hard drives, appliances computer hardware
Industrial waste , chemicals, waste materials, wastewater, manufacturing by-products
Stationery, office waste and disposables
Packaging, paper
Food waste from catering and disposables

Professional waste collection services for professionals

The waste management team at Devine specialize in recycling, waste disposal, reduction and recovery, providing you with one less thing to think about and allowing you to concentrate on more crucial aspects of managing your business.