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Why you should be considering renewing your tenancy agreement

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A buddy was telling me recently about a situation she is in with her 9 year tenancy in a rented property. She resides with her three kids under 11 and over the nine years she has constantly paid her rent on time, has re done the back garden, re-painted a number of times and also put brand new laminate flooring surfaces throughout (with the authorization of her landlord). She views the home as being a house for her family so that as her landlord was an overseas investor, she always felt she’d the liberty to do what she wanted and felt secure that he’d never have to ask her to give.

Regrettably, a ‘for sale’ board came out outside one day. Her landlord had chose to promote along the open market and thus there was a possibility an owner occupier may just purchase the home of her rather than another buy-to-let landlord. As she has been on monthly to month tenancy for nearly 8 years, she’s currently faced with the chance of having to uproot the family of her at short notice. However, rents have increased in the last 9 years and she is not able to pay for an identical calibre of property anymore, or in an aspect of town where by her children go to school. On account of this, she’s had to consider community housing as she’s desperate to get on the property ladder but because this has come from the blue, isn’t in the fiscal position to accomplish this at once and the properties which can be purchased at the rent she can afford, are not in a great issue. As you are able to imagine, this has resulted in a fraught and stressful situation where she’s unsure when she will need to leave and where she is going to house her family.

The question of mine to her was why, during the nine years she had resided in the home, had she never approached her agent about negotiating a further fixed term agreement. As somebody who is settled and investing in the home of her, it will have been a good idea to lock her tenancy in place for a fixed time of time at a set rented quantity. She could have negotiated a few of these fixed terms throughout the time of her at the home normally for a small cost with her agent. Her response was it’d never been advertised by the agent of her as a possibility and she had felt secure from the assertions of the agent of her that the landlord of her would never sell.

When a primary fixed term tenancy involves an end, it quickly roles onto monthly to month or statutory periodic’ tenancy. This kind of tenancy is uncertain for both landlord and tenant, a tenant is able to give just one months’ discover to vacate (in type with the conditions of their tenancy) whilst likewise, a landlord can work a section 21 notice giving their tenants two months’ notice to vacate within just about any stage. Furthermore, a landlord can even serve a Section 13 notice to boost the rent during a periodic tenancy provided they provide with one months’ notice, these notices are difficult to oppose and unless they affect the first tier tribunal for a rent evaluation, a tenant should pay the size away from the date on the notice. Many tenants and landlords don’t know, or are aware but don’t see the advantages of negotiating a further fixed term renewal once this inital fixed term ends.

Below are just some of the benefits;

Benefits for landlord

A landlord has a persistent, corrected, guaranteed source of income. Most renewals are for twelve months however you are able to suggest 6 months, 24 months, 18 months, anything up to 35 months and 29 days as anything over 3 years must be created by a deed as opposed to a tenancy agreement.
A rent surge may be negotiated within the new contract, thus increasing your monthly income but also reaching a growth your tenant is happy with and won’t pressure them in to looking for someplace else.
The certainty that you won’t need to start the method of negotiating a deposit, performing maintenance/cleaning at the modification of tenancy, locating brand new tenants and paying set up fees for at-least another 12 or perhaps twenty four weeks based on what is agreed.

Benefits for tenant

You have profession of your home for a further fixed period and you do not have to be worried about the uncertainty of becoming serviced a Section 21 with two months’ notice out of the blue.
If your landlord is looking for a rent increase, this can be negotiated whilst you’re discussing the renewal and provides you with a whole lot more range of discussion about this as opposed to just being helped with a notice and having to comply. Things like confirming you are going to conduct servicing, decorations at the property can be integrated in these negotiations.
Lacking the worry of needing to negotiate your deposit go back, find a different home, go through referencing and spend new tenancy set up costs. When you include transferring costs, the deposit, initial rent, fees, the regular cost of moving rental home today is around 1500.00.
Your landlord cannot conclude he really wants to sell along the open market along with the new owner, who may be an owner occupier serve you a discover to vacate at the earliest opportunity. If your landlord did sell, he will have to promote on the foundation there’s a tenant in situ.

Obviously at times both tenants that are wanting to go on but uncertain when, and landlords that are thinking of moving back in or maybe marketing may switch bad a request for a fixed phrase repair because the flexibility associated with a periodic tenancy suits them. But, there’s often the possibility of including an escape clause into the unique clauses of your respective tenancy agreement template confirming either party can stop the tenancy at an agreed issue, typically 6 months into a twelve month tenancy. When you’re currently in a periodic tenancy or perhaps have tenants on one and my factors above resonate with the current situation of yours, contact your landlord, agent or tenant to fit this request forward ASAP.