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Do you need fitted golf clubs?

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A lot of times, the question is asked through the golf community: “Should I use custom club fitters?”

A lot of people think that getting a custom-fitted golf club is better suited for professionals and advanced golfers. If you’re an experienced golfer or amateur with a love for the game the one thing that is indisputable is the importance of having the correct equipment for your style. There are many advantages of getting fitted regardless of whether you’re beginning to learn how to play golf, or you’ve been playing the game for a long time!

We’ll go over the advantages and disadvantages of getting fitted for the first time as a newbie and then explain what club fitting means.

Getting Fitted

The process of fitting your club includes dynamic and static computations along with analysis and evaluation of your swing.

The objective is to determine the loft, lie angle and shaft head design, flex length and grips your clubs require to play the best game. After taking the measurements, you’ll be required to hit several shots and possibly test a few irons using differing lofts or lies.

There will be questions regarding your ability to play, ball speed, where your missed hits tend to be, as well as your objectives. The fitter will give you an opinion on what will best for you.

Who’s in need of a Custom Fitting?

The answer is “anybody who is interested in playing golf!” It’s usually misinterpreted that only experienced golfers should have custom-fitted golf clubs. But, that’s not the reality! The advantages of fitting custom golf clubs apply to all levels of golf even for beginner golfers. Even if you’re an amateur golfer, you’ll enjoy the sameness, reliability and evenness in your game.

In other words, we’re not all of the same size, so having a club that’s not the correct and appropriate length can hinder your progress. The grip size could be too large or thin for your needs If the size or the length of the club isn’t suitable for you, the chances are you’re already at the point of deprivation.

Pros and Cons of Being the right golfer’s fit

An appropriate golf course that is been adapted to your needs can allow you to begin your journey to golf without being immediately at a disadvantage. In this way we’ve compiled a list of advantages and disadvantages of having your club customized golf clubs particularly for amateurs!


You’ll have an advantage in on your game as you’ll have designed clubs that are suited to you and your stride.

Because you’re meeting with a professional it’ll be much easier than buying the clubs off the rack. They are knowledgeable of which golf clubs beginner golfers should be using.

When you choose the best clubs it’s easy to develop good habits for your swing and to have consistent swings, vs. unfitted clubs that aren’t suitable for you.

It is possible to reshaft your clubs to lengthen them as you progress in your golfing career.


The cost of fitting can be prohibitive for anyone trying to learn Golf for a reasonable price.

If you began playing golf using large cavity-back clubs and games improvement clubs you’ll be required to purchase new clubs in order to play with blades or irons that are forged.

Do You Need to Get Your Custom-Fitted or Should You

The issue of whether you need to be fitted is followed by another question: Are you able to replicate your swing? If your answer is “No,” being fitted to swing clubs shouldn’t be your top priority. It’s not about your swing’s mechanics but the result. If you are consistently able to cut, hook or pop up swing with a roll, the chances that you’ve got an approach that fairly repeats. If you hit your shots with different flight patterns – one left, then the next right, and then not at the one end, you’re likely to are having trouble with repeating the swing. It’s impossible to fit a club to your swing if it’s impossible to repeat it repeatedly.

It is likely that you will have to try to adjust your swing to the golf club. Before you purchase customized golf clubs, take lessons with an PGA professional.

If you are able to repeat this swing repeatedly, you will benefit from a fitting. If you strike it too far from the toe or heel on the golf club, or if the sole is dragged out to the heel or the toe your club may be too short or long for you.

The right method will show the flaws, and you will be able to have the clubs rearranged so that your natural swing is likely to hit the ball at the sweet place.

The right clubs for your swing will help you fix an issue or lack of flight without altering your swing. The use of a valid club will have a significant and unimaginable impact on your ability to score and your technique.

Decisive Verdict On Getting Custom-Fitted

The basic fitting of clubs to golfers (especially for those who are beginners) can aid in improving their game. The bottom line is that it’s dependent on the player whether or not they wish to have a fitting. If they’d like to save money and get started with the basic clubs that are available it is possible to do so however there are some dangers involved, such as the development of bad habits.