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Our Favourite Rugby Magazines and Premium Websites

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So, we decided to put together a small list of some of our favourite rugby magazines and premium rugby websites. Keep in mind that this is our opinion and you might not like all (or any) of them – but we recommend having a look at each one as they do provide great content. All the ‘premium’ websites will provide original content, while the magazines should be a great read.

Let us know what you think in the comments below or via Facebook and Twitter .

1. Rugby World –

Nearly 30 years of professional rugby coverage means that you can always expect to find something interesting in this monthly mag.

2. Rugby League World –

This magazine might be slightly biased towards the 13-a-side game, but it does give you lots of information on different rugby leagues around the world.

3. Rugby Express –

Issue 10 of this magazine has just been released and it’s free to download (a great Christmas gift) but you can also purchase back issues. The first 9 were interesting too!

4. Rugby Monthly –

This is another monthly magazine (with some extra content online too), which focuses more on tactical analysis of the game than news or gossip, making it a nice read for those who like to get into the nitty gritty of rugby.

5. Rugby Thread –

If you enjoy commenting on articles, this website is for you! It’s all about discussion and debate 🙂

6. Rugby League Review –

A relatively new mag that is definitely one to watch! The Facebook page for the mag listed above is also a great shout, which also has some really interesting content from time to time.

7. Rugby Fans Monthly –

Another monthly magazine (this time more news-orientated) with some funny articles on the best and worst of rugby, including an international team of the month, which always makes us laugh!

8. Rugby Weekly –

This mag has loads of interesting articles, especially if you like to look at all aspects of rugby. They also make great coffee-table reads!

9. Rugby Planet –

Another good site for news and features with the added bonus of being free to access. It’s also quite comprehensive and easy to browse.

10. Rugby Blog –

This site is a great place to discuss any and all things rugby, as well as reviews on equipment etc…

11. Rugby Banter –

This is a great site for those of you who like to read about rugby and have a laugh as well! Make sure you check out the ‘on this day’ feature for some funny stories from yesteryear.

We hope we’ve given you enough variety to keep this browser tab bookmarked, but let us know if we’ve missed off your favourite magazine or website!