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About The DJI Osmo Action

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It was very exciting witness the launch of two brand new drones from DJI within the past two months. The all-new Mini 2 drone and the Pocket 2 received very positive reviews from their initial tests and are actually a decent improvements over their previous models.

Additionally, in the spring of this year, we witnessed Mavic Air 2’s premiere. Mavic Air 2 premiere which quickly became the most sought-after drone. We didn’t pass up the opportunity to purchase it too.

We are having the impression that there’s some kind of product that was not being released this year, and we’re interested to hear about any announcements from DJI regarding the new version of their DJI Osmo Action camera.

We’re not saying that There’s nothing wrong in the Osmo Action at present. Osmo Action but we have several newly released GoPro action cameras that are already available, and we think it’s the right time to wait for DJI to announce Osmo Action 2.

One thing to note is that even though the first generation came out some time ago, it was still very competitive with the latest action cameras like GoPro Hero 7 and GoPro Hero 8 due to the excellent firmware updates.

Osmo Action 2 – product updates

Here will be some suggestions (or could be we call them expectations) regarding what we would like to observe when we look at Osmo Action 2. Osmo Action second generation:

Stabilization has been improved The RockSteady stabilization did an excellent job when we used it alongside our Osmo Action but we have noticed that GoPro is a bit ahead with their new generation of action cameras. We’d also like to have the RockSteady operating in 4K HDR mode too.

A bigger sensor – we are aware that this is a thorny issue when it comes to action cameras, but we have seen that some competitors have integrated larger sensors on their action cameras, resulting in impressive results, and with improved low-light capabilities.

The upgraded 4k and likely 6k video quality. The video quality that we see with the original generation Osmo Action is very good however it is not up to what we will see in 2022. Also , it would be wonderful to see DJI shifts to higher resolution such as 8k or 6k to ensure compatibility over time.

These are the features we love about the first Osmo Action and would like to preserve in the next generation in 2023:

Front display
Removable lens cover
Simple menu
Long battery life
Priced appropriately

Overall, we’re content by Osmo Action. Osmo Action but we truly believe that it’s the right time for the DJI Osmo Action 2. We hope to have its debut in the first quarter of 2023. Of course, it’s the responsibility of DJI to decide when and when the product will be released and be available for purchase.