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AGCO Supports Farmers and the Right to Repair their Equipment

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The AGCO diagnostics tool Helps Farmers and the right to repair their equipment

This is why it is important for customers to be provided with the information and tools to help them maintain the condition, repair, and diagnose their equipment. AGCO developed a diagnostic tool for customers, a tool called Tech Connect Diagnostics-CV (TCD-CV). The TCD-CV module is part of the Tech Connect Suite that can be provided to customers to aid when maintaining, diagnosing and fixing their equipment.

Tech Connect Diagnostics

TCD-CV is a website-based application accessible for rental by authorized dealers that provide service and sales for the particular model of the customer. The application allows access to all models supported by TCD-CV the dealer has contract to offer.

Access to TCD-CV can be ordered through an authorized dealer on the AGCO tool for service website. The TCD-CV package has a variety of rental durations including 1 month three months, and six months. The package contains:

PC that has TCD-CV installed as well as the necessary cables to connect to the compatible unit
Electronic access to diagnostics as along with access to the accompanying guides, help screens and quick-start guides
All pertinent published service information such as service manuals, service guides, as well as operator’s manuals, can be bought from on the AGCO Pubs website.

Accessing Information

Access is a straightforward order procedure made via an authorized retailer.

The customer must read and accept The customer must review and agree to “Tech Connect Diagnostics End User Agreement.” Your dealer will be able to print a copy to review.
The dealer will require basic customer details including address, name, details, as well as the length of rental. The information collected will be used to send an request for AGCO Service Tools for TCD-CV login credentials.
The dealer will then place orders for the kit on AGCO Service Tools. AGCO Service Tools website. After that, the dealer will bill the client for the expenses associated with the rental of the tool, which includes an refundable core fee to purchase the tools. AGCO Service Tools will process the order and delivery to the customer within 3-4 days. A customer’s email will be sent by AGCO Service Tools with the login details. The rental clock starts at the end of 48 hours from the date this email has been sent.
After the client has received the software, they are able to start their PC and sign in to the TCD-CV program with the credentials they received. Internet connection is required to validate the application.
After the rental period is up, the customer must return the tool at AGCO Service Tools, in the original packaging and with the label for shipping that was prepay. If the tool is delivered at the hands of AGCO Service tools and has been verified as being in good operating condition The dealer will be informed and the deposit of the customer will be returned by AGCO Service Tools. In the event that the instrument is broken or has not been returned then the deposit won’t be refunded.

TCD-CV Customer Tool Functions

This tool will grant users to access the following functions:

Make use of the application across several AGCO vehicle models that have been provided by the service tool.
Find content that includes:
Services Information: All publications types for this particular model (Operator Manuals, Workshop Manuals Instructions Diagnostic Fault Codes)
Diagnostic Information for the entire range of Tech Connect Diagnostic-supported machines
Sub-Assembly Information
The Product Support Program (PSP)
Configuration Details
Network Scan
View Error Codes
Utilization for the Function Diagnose

Training and Assistance

A dealer serves as the client’s primary contact when it comes to questions related to the use and support for TCD-CV. A large portion of this support is provided within TCD-CV’s Quick-Start Guides built into the TCD-CV program. Customers must contact their local dealer for assistance. It is crucial to know that additional fees may be imposed over the initial rental amount and after-sales support for this product. The typical response time for customer support from the support dealer for TCD-CV is 2 to 3 business days.

Models Available

For a long time, farmers as well as AGCO dealers relied on the basic tools to diagnose and repair of equipment. As technology improved, AGCO introduced onboard diagnostics on many of our sophisticated machines to make it easier to diagnosis to both our customers and dealers. Although a large portion of diagnostics and repairs for the current AGCO products are completed with a combination of onboard diagnostic tools and the basic ones, AGCO recognized the need to design and supply additional diagnostic tools for our customers for future machines because of the continuous technological advancements.

As AGCO introduces new products, we’ll include a brand new diagnostic feature to allow customers to perform more easily their own diagnostics by using the TCD-CV. This new feature protects crucial systems from being altered while also allowing access to all diagnostic data of the machine.