Cutting Polycarbonate: The Complete Guide

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Cutting polycarbonate sheet is easier than cutting acrylic sheets and can be accomplished by anyone, even a beginner DIYer. Because polycarbonate is strong and heat resistant, it is a great choice. Here are some tips to help you get started cutting polycarbonate sheet. You can use either a circular saw, or a table saw to get the best results.

How to cut polycarbonate sheet:

Adjustable speed circular saw or tablesaw

Saw blade with fine teeth

For support, sheet material or woodslats

Jigsaws with adjustable speed

Non-ferrous metal saw blade

Cut polycarbonate sheet using a circular saw or with a jigsaw

A circular saw and a jigsaw can be used to cut polycarbonate sheets. A circular saw is best for cutting larger lengths of polycarbonate. Because of its unique properties, polycarbonate doesn’t crack or shatter around the cut. Polycarbonate is also very sensitive to heat during the cutting process. This is true regardless of cutting speed or speed. It is important to pick the right circularsaw and pay attention to speed as well as throughput to ensure the best cuts.

It is important to ensure that the sheets are held in place while you use a jigsaw for cutting polycarbonate sheets. This will allow you to make a precise cut. The sheet should not move as you cut, so glue clamps are placed along the cutting line.

Step 1: Preparations in order to cut polycarbonate

Make sure you have the right supplies before you start cutting polycarbonate. You should use a saw with variable speed. During sawing, it is important that the board can support the sheets of polycarbonate. Safety goggles are also recommended for cutting in order to keep small particles of polycarbonate out of your eyes.

Step 2: Mark your cutting line on the plasticcarbonate

It’s a great idea that we strongly recommend: When cutting polycarbonate, keep the protective film in place. Then stick some masking tape at the cutting line. Mark this line. These tips will prevent any scratches. You can cut polycarbonate with your circular saw by following step 3. Step 4 is for those who prefer to cut their polycarbonate with a circular saw.

Step 3: Sawing the polycarbonate sheet using a circular saw

After everything has been prepared, turn on the saw. Use a fine tooth saw to make a circular saw. If you are using a standard-sized blade (250-300 mm), we recommend a speed limit of 4,000 revolutions per min. This combination will produce a smooth cut. The cutting speed and throughput speed are determined by the saw. This is approximately 8 m per hour or 10 to 15 cm per second.

Step 4: Use a Jigsaw to cut the polycarbonate sheet

A jigsaw should have a fine tooth. For example, a saw for non-ferrous materials. Use a moderate speed to move the saw through the polycarbonate sheets. You shouldn’t exert too much pressure on it. Let the saw do its job and maintain control over the throughput. Make sure that the sole of the saw is not bent on the polycarbonate sheet.

How to cut your own polycarbonate

You might want to cut your polycarbonate sheets by hand, even though we will saw them for you. You might need to cut your polycarbonate sheet at an angle to create a greenhouse or patio roof. This blog will give you the best tips to ensure that you get the perfect cut.