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The DJI Mini 2 Drone

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You’ve probably seen some leaks. The waiting is done. You can now purchase the latest DJI Mini 2. However, should you? It all depends on what you’re searching for. We’ve put together 10 reasons you may be interested in purchasing this awesome drone.


I’ve flown the first Mavic Mini on a few occasions. I was impressed by it as an amazing value for money and packed with technologies that were derived from other products of the DJI range. This 2.7K video was amazing in a package of that is of a size that I could see as an excellent overall color precision and clarity. Even though a brisk breeze could send the tiny drone moving however, the gimbal software performed exceptionally well, creating the most stable video that was a stark contrast to the turbulent flight.

But there is always room for improved. Pilots have long wished for higher resolution as well as more power to fight winds, and also the ability to capture images in RAW.

What’s new?

Well, quite a bit. While we’ll move on to the video review in a minute Let’s review of what I consider as the key reasons Mini 2 is a great buy. Mini 2 is a great purchase for 449 dollars for its base version, and five hundred dollars on Fly More Combo. Fly More Combo.

We all love lists, so let’s present My Top 10 Reasons for why Mini 2 Mini 2 is pretty awesome.

4K 30 FPS Video

2.7K was fantastic. 4K is superior. Not just any 4K, this one can write data directly to it’s MicroSD memory card with a speed at 100 Mbps. The Mavic Mini’s original maximum video bitrate was 40 Mbps. That’s a significant amount of data and it can transfer the entire HD video directly onto your memory card. For reference I shoot using Fujifilm XT3 – which is an excellent camera and it’s got the same 100Mbps data rate. Condensing it into a small package that can fit in your palm? Absolutely amazing.
Video in 4K – yay! !

The size of the sensor hasn’t changed – it’s 1/2.3” , but they’ve managed, as we believe to squeeze more pixels on it to get the stunning 4K video.

2. RAW Image

Sure, the camera shoots in RAW! For those who would like to alter your footage using the freedom that comes with the flexibility of a RAW file could go crazy. (And even if you’ve never dealt before with RAW you’ll find an abundance of information which allows you to be in control of your images during post-processing.) The size of the sensor hasn’t changed, it’s 1/2.3 1”.

3. More Power

Yeah, baby. We placed Mini 2 Mini 2 into Sport Mode and let it go. It’s lightning fast for a drone this big and impressively fast. The video will provide a glimpse of this however, until you see it fly over the sky it’s hard to tell the amount of power this drone has. Simply put, it’s amazing. The brand new Mini 2 can hold its own in winds as high as 24 miles per hour.

4. Zoom, Zoom, Zoom…

Since it’s the Mini 2 shoots 4K video it allows you to choose zooming into the 1080p video when shooting.

1080p gives you 4x Zoom: 2x lossless zoom plus 2x lossy zoom
2.7K – 3x lossy zoom
4K – 2x lossy zoom

With 4K you have additional Zoom options

5. Longer Flight Time

The latest Mavic Mini can defy gravity for up to 31 hours on just one battery. A skeptic might be thinking: “But that’s only one second more than the first Mavic Mini!” That’s true. But take note that the Mini 2 has more power. The motors will require more power. Thus, creating a more powerful machine that weighs the same and can travel even one minute longer is pretty impressive.

6. OcuSync 2.0

How far is it possible to fly with on the Mini 2 and still remain connected? The answer? A staggering 10 kilometers that’s a 150 percent improvement over the initial Mavic Mini. We’re not convinced that anyone has the eyes to observe that…so you’d be in violation of the law in many nations by flying over the Visual Lines of Sight. But, it’s an indication of how reliable C2 is. C2 connection is. It’s it’s great to be aware of.
Fly away, sweet one and you’ll remain connected for up to 10 km

OcuSync 2.0 is, by it’s own, operates by constantly determining which frequency (2.4 or 5.8 GHz) provides the most reliable connection, and then hopping onto the most powerful. It’s a great feature to have.

7. Upgraded Remote

Mini 2 Mini 2 comes with what seems to be the exact remote that came along with Mavic Air 2. We like the ergonomics and you can bet the OcuSync goodness is contained in the tiny box. We think this is an important improvement over the Mavic Mini.
Mini 2 comes with upgraded remotes. Mini 2 comes with an upgraded remote.

8. Better Propellors

A few Mavic Mini owners ran into issues where the vital design of the propellors in certain models could change when they were in storage. This meant that they weren’t able to provide the same amount of lift. This can really shake you in the event of a flight that is not at your preferred location. The new model appears to use different props (they come with a different model number) and we’re guessing that they will make this problem obsolete.

9. Panoramas

Mini 2 is a camera that Mini 2 shoots three different kinds of panos. Sphere 360, Wide and 180. What’s the distinction?

Sphere takes 26 photos and stitch them to create the spherical image
180 can capture seven images to create the most expansive panorama shot
Wide captures a huge square image that is made up of nine stitched images

10. QuickTransfer

This is a brand new and quicker method of transferring images via drones to your smartphone through WiFi. The transfer speed is 20 Mbps and images will be improved as you download them.