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Versa lifts bring huge benefits to machine moving

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The Versa Lift trucks have been created and manufactured specifically to move heavy machinery and equipment carefully. They’re based upon a shifting counterweight principle, allowing the truck being as tiny as fifty % smaller compared to trucks utilizing a standard static counterweight.

What exactly are the advantages of Versa Lifts?

This particular machine movers are ideal for :

Moving machinery in small spaces isn’t a simple task.
Duties like transporting or even moving shipping containers are able to involve a great deal of heavy lifting.
Moving little machines
They work as industrial forklifts.
For total lifts at level, they include forklift boom attachments.
Use an immediate lift mast – this is going to allow you to lift with no chains.
Removeable counterweights – to distribute the lifting weight and also to prevent tipping
Expandable frame to provide even more lifting capacity
Have a 2 power transmission – to make the power required to lift heavy equipment Are just 1.8 metres wide
We utilize & supply Versa Lifts.

The most popular models are:

Twenty five / thirty five Versa Lift

It possesses a 16 ton lift, which is normally used for small CNC machines and it is perfect when room is restricted. This particular lifting machine is perfect for lifting lots in tight quarters, and also our 25/35 Model is able to deal with lots of 24,000 pounds together with the base retracted – or as much as 34,500 pounds with the starting extended. As an outcome, this particular printer is perfect for entering into congested areas that other devices cannot reach.

Forty / sixty Versa Lift

A 30 tonne lift is utilized for removing big presses, for getting packed shipping containers, for installing presses over and for huge CNC machines, for instance. This particular machinery may as a result raise up to 60,000 pounds if the base is extended, or maybe 40,000 lbs if the base is retracted. The 40/60 is our industrial forklift, fashioned with optimum manoeuvrability, ease and strength of use.

Sixty / eighty Versa Lift

It possesses a 3,050mm wheelbase, 25.2 tonnes of capability at 900mm load centre and forty four – tonnes of lift. The frame is able to grow 1,220mm to attain 35.9 tonnes of capability, that is 1,220mm much more than the conventional model.

This particular machinery may as a result raise up to 60,000 pounds if the base is lengthy and up to 80,000 lbs if the base is extended. The 60/80 is our industrial forklift, constructed with power, ease and manoeuvrability of using in mind.

Equipment that’s favorable to the environment

Each of these variations are run by LPG gasoline and are thus eco-friendly (standard exhaust gases aren’t utilized in clean or sterile environments).

Need a business to go your machinery?

In order to enable you to shift your machines, you want a business which can deal with all of that and other things. Precisely why do not you get in contact with us to go over your Versa Lift Hire needs? We are here to help.