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Why Use A Degausser?

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Degaussing is the procedure of reducing or maybe removing an undesirable magnetic field (or perhaps data) saved on tape as well as disk media including pc and laptop hard drives, reels, diskettes, cassettes and also cartridge tapes. When subjected to the highly effective magnetic field of any degausser, the magnetic information on hard disk or a tape is neutralized, or perhaps erased. Degaussing is definitely the guaranteed form of hard disk erasure, as such; it can serve as the conventional approach to data destruction. Making use of the right degausser is going to guarantee that the info of yours is not retrievable.

Degaussing is merely a demagnetizing process to remove a hard disk or tape.
Degaussers have a controlled magnetic field which is calculated in units of oersteds or maybe gauss (Oe).
Most magnetic press has a magnetic home, known as coercivity, that’s additionally assessed in units of oersteds (Oe).
The Oersted (Oe) value tells us exactly how simple and just how tough a portion of press is erasing. Essentially, higher Oe media calls for better degausser magnetic field ratings.


To know how a degausser works, one should initially know how info is initially recorded onto hard drives, reels, tapes, cassettes along with other magnetic media.

Magnetic press is with us since the 1920s. Although it’s seen dozens of changes through the years, the standard ideas remain exactly the same.

Magnetic tape has 3 basic components: a good metal iron oxide powder, the movie backing and a binder. A tape recorder functions by shifting the tape past a pair of tiny metal blocks, known as heads, at a constant speed. A tape recorder has both record and also playback heads. These heads are special electromagnets. When recording, the recording heads are going to create a magnetic field which alters the placing of the good iron oxide powder on the surface area of the tape into an electronic recording pattern. In turn, the playback heads read through the pattern and turn it into sound, video or maybe computer data.

Hard drives function in a comparable material, but were created for enhanced speed and reliability. Below, tape is exchanged for the flat, circular piece of metal, referred to as a platter, which has a good coating of iron oxide or maybe chromium dioxide. The platter spins below a read/write head. When little pulses of electrical energy are passed by way of a coil in the top, the surface area of the platter gets magnetized. Information is captured utilizing binary code, a number of 1s and 0s (magnetic pulse and then reverse pulse, consecutively).

A degausser erases by producing a magnetic field very effective it completely eliminates the magnetic properties from the iron oxide or maybe chromium dioxide coatings that erases, or maybe randomizes, the recorded data pattern.

With the amount of distinct degausser designs on the market, it is essential to find out what you should search for when selecting an appropriate type for the needs of yours as not every degaussers are produced just as. Electromagnetic degaussers produce a magnetic field by charging a degaussing coil. Permanent magnet degaussers have a single or even more uncommon earth magnets and don’t need power to use. A number of degaussers are intended for mobile operations, while others are designed for excessive volume.

Probably the most vital aspect to consider when looking for a degausser is the ability of its to erase the media of yours. Degaussers are rated for various media based upon the degausser’s maximum magnetic field strength. The magnetic field sturdiness of a degausser is calculated in gauss, or perhaps oersteds. Hard drives and tapes have a measurable magnetic value known as coercivity, that is calculated in oersteds too.

As technology has progressed from the years, coercivity ratings on hard drives & tapes continues to grow allowing users to keep much more info on said media. In turn, these higher coercivity tapes and hard drives demand superior degaussers with better magnetic fields.