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Is It Easy To Go Back To Snowboarding?

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Whether you’ve been on an Snowboarding hiatus of 10+ years or are taking an unplanned break, you may be wondering what it will take to pick it back up. That was the question I had after having to take two seasons off. I used to wonder if snowboarding was akin to riding a bicycle and how simple it would be to get back to my preferred snow sport.

Snowboarding is like riding a bicycle. Through repetition, it becomes automatic. If you have had a break from Snowboarding for a while, it will be easy to pick it back up in a short time and with ease and without difficulty, in contrast to being a complete beginner, this is because of the muscle memory.

Let’s look at the elements that affect the speed and ease of getting back into snowboarding. I’ve also got a few useful tips that will help make the transition as easy as you can.

Returning to Snowboarding The Most Important Factors

Snowboarding is like riding a bike in the sense that once you’ve learned the basic skills and are accustomed to being in the snow, getting back to snowboarding will be easy. There are some essential factors that affect the ease with which you’ll be able to pick it back up.
How Much Time We’ve Away from Snowboarding

The length of time you’ve spent away from snowboarding can affect the ease with which you’re able to regain your previous level of ability.

If you’ve been off from snowboarding for a lengthy period of time, say, 10-plus years, generally speaking it will take you a bit longer to get back to the swing of things. However, you will be very surprised at how fast you’ll be in a position to get back on track.

If it’s only been several years since you last had a chance to snowboard and you’re not sure why, it shouldn’t be much of an issue at all. Within a day to half a days riding you’ll be feeling very confident in your ability. Whilst recovering from injury, I was away from snowboarding for 2 years . honestly I had no issues returning to it.

If it’s only been a year since you last was on a snowboard, you don’t have anything to worry about and in fact, this amount of time off is very common. The season for snowboarding is not long and a majority of people only get the chance to snowboard for a week each year.
Previous Experience

As a rule of practice, the more knowledge you have previously had, and the more advanced your level of skill is the more easy you’ll have a chance to get back into snowboarding.

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If you hadn’t mastered the basics the last time you took to the slopes, unfortunately you’ll be picking back up from where you left off. Don’t let it put you off though, getting better and retraining is all part of the fun. If you’re not falling you’re not doing anything.

On the flip side in the event that you have extensive experience, the length of time away will be less of an issue and you’ll not worry about anything. The first few hours, sure you’ll be a bit rusty, and understandably so. But by the end of the day, you’ll feel like you’ve didn’t leave.
Everyone is Different

Keep the above points to mind, it’s crucial to be aware that everybody is different. There are people who can go 10 years without snowboarding and get back on the slopes as if they have never stopped, while some people may have been away for half the time and are in need for a class or two to help them feel comfortable again.

No matter how long it takes you to develop the old skills Do not fret there’s nothing to worry about. The most important thing is to just get out there and have fun. Also, if having a hard time getting back on track A bad day at the ski slopes will beat working hard.

If you took off from snowboarding due to reasons of any kind, let’s examine some ways to get back to snowboarding as effortless as is possible.
Do the Easy Runs First

Begin with a small amount and work your way up. Begin with the shorter runs until you are able to return to your former form. There’s no reason to head straight for the steep runs. Be patient and slowly progress upwards.
Check out Some Snowboarding Videos

Tips for the First Day Back Snowboarding

Relax, unwind and look over the snowboarding instruction videos on YouTube. There’s so much good content available right now Just re-learning the basics can aid in reviving your memory and may help you be able to learn something new.

YouTube channels SnowboardProCamp and SnowboardAddiction are full of great content. If nothing else the videos will make you feel invigorated and ready to get back out there.
Make Sure You Have Snowboarding Equipment

If you’ve been off snowboarding for a while before you get back on the slopes, make certain to inspect your equipment. Check to see if everything is fitted properly and is in working order.

Based on how long it has been since you’ve been skiing, it could be worth investing in new equipment. Equipment and gear for snowboarding is constantly evolving and changing.

Personally, I wouldn’t advise the use of equipment that’s old. If it’s really outdated, you’re better off replacing it. New equipment is generally safer to use and better all round. If you’re on a tight budget, consider renting equipment to cut costs.
Consider Taking A Lesson

There’s no reason to be ashamed of taking a class if in any way you’re feeling uncertain or lack confidence. Lessons are easily accessible and lessons are at a reasonable cost.

This will also help you to re-learn the right techniques, refresh your memories as well as help to eliminate bad habits.

Lessons are easily accessible and tend to not be too vast.
Make use of visualizations

This one may sound like it’s a little woo-woo, but bear with me here.

It is no secret that visualizations and mental rehearsals are extensively employed in professional sports by athletes, and are actually extremely effective.

Take a deep breath and then spend 10 minutes each day for a week just thinking about your return to the slopes.

Feel confident as you glide effortlessly turning on the snowboard. Be as precise as you can. The more detailed you are the more precise you can be. For example imagine the way the snow feels beneath your skis, the way the fresh mountain air feels, and the thrill as you slide on the slope.
Go with Friends

Instead of going it alone If you’re feeling a bit uncertain then go with your friends to get some moral help. The presence of someone to get your mind back on track and provide a few words of encouragement may help to make your life simpler.

However do not feel pressured to go for more challenging runs all at once. Make sure to take your time and work in your pace.
Proper Recovery

If your body isn’t used to the physical challenge that a day of snowboarding provides, then there are likely to be parts of your body that will ache the next day.

Like you must always stretch out after taking a run or doing a workout, you should do a proper cooling down following a snow day.

This is a fantastic way to aid your body in recovering in a healthy way after snowboarding. This will aid in reducing muscle soreness the next day.

In contrast, if you have the facilities where you’re staying, you should consider warming up prior to going out on the slopes by jumping into the hot tub or sauna, or shower. The muscles that are warm are less likely to get damaged while exercising.