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The World’s Tallest Observation Wheel – Ain Dubai

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With a history of breaking records around the world It’s not a surprise Dubai is the home of the highest observation wheel in the world. We will go over all you should know about Ain Dubai.

Ain Dubai, sometimes referred to as the Dubai Eye, is the largest observation wheel in the world. After a long construction process and a number of delays Ain Dubai finally opened its doors. Ain Dubai finally opened on 21 October 2021 in time for the delayed Expo 2020.

The Ain Dubai provides its riders with an unbeatable experience of Dubai’s most famous landmarks. The massive wheel is situated at Bluewaters Island, a vibrant life-style destination that offers shopping entertainment, entertainment and hospitality options. If you were not aware the meaning behind Ain Dubai, the word that is used to describe it Ain Dubai, derives from the 16th letter of the Arabic alphabet (Ayn) which means into eye English.

Learn all you must know about Ain Dubai:

The tallest observation wheel in the world.

The huge observation wheel measures at more than 250 metres high which makes it the highest Ferris wheel in the world. It surpasses the previous record-holder which was The High Roller in Las Vegas that stands at the height of 167 metres. It definitely beats it’s counterpart, the London Eye out the water with its 135 metres high. Furthermore this landmark, which is a record-breaker, stands at more than 200% higher than the first Ferris wheel!

The engineering

A city built on creativity and imagination, it appears that nothing is too big or challenging for the designers behind Dubai’s structures. The project was designed through Meeras and was completed at the estimated price around AED one billion ($270m). The engineering marvel, this amazing structure is believed to comprise more than 9000 tonnes of steel which is 25 percent more than the steel employed to construct the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Each spoke is larger than the size of a football pitch and the wheel’s is as heavy more than Airbus 380 aircrafts.

Experience the Ain Dubai experience

Ain Dubai is able to transport up to 1,400 guests at one time. It also has the ability to accommodate 48 passengers in cabins. The full trip takes approximately 48 minutes in an air-conditioned cabin. The cabins are equipped with LCD screens that provide passengers with information about the stunning views that lie in front of them. You can also opt to reserve a cabin to private use . Some cabins have licensed bars so that you can sip the refreshing drink while taking in some of the most stunning views of the city.

Record-breaking yet another world record, The Ain Dubai is being rumored to be the world’s highest rope climbing platform. With a height of 150 meters, this will be the ultimate adrenaline pumping experience for those who love adventure.

The views

The cabins have stunning 360-degree views of the iconic Dubai skyline. With breathtaking views like no others, make sure to see the stunning Dubai landmarks like The Palm Jumeirah, the Burj Al Arab, and the Burj Khalifa. Take a ride in the daytime to get away from heat Dubai heat and take in the cool air-conditioned cabins , as you gaze out over the stunning views of the surrounding area. Take a spin in the evening and watch the glowing Dubai skyline illuminated by lighting and projections.

Bluewaters Island

After you have visited Ain Dubai, take the chance to visit Bluewaters Island. Feeling hungry? You should visit any of the numerous eateries located on this island. With some of the best restaurants, like Hell’s Kitchen and The London Project and you’ll not be dissatisfied. Relax and unwind in Cove Beach, the island’s only beach club. Visit The Rotunda at the famous Caesars Palace, which hosts performances, shows, and comedy shows.