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Where Are The Tulum Ruins?

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Welcom to Tulum

Take a deep breath in… The salty air, the wafting of floral incense sweet tropical flora as well as fauna…exhale slowly. You have arrived in Tulum. The attraction that is Tulum and the reason it has become such a remarkable destination in the Yucatan Peninsula lies not only in the history surrounding the Mayan ruin that bears the same name, but in the powerful influence that the sea and city have over those who come to visit.

Inhale it… the humid air, the scent of fragrant incense, and the deep sweet of tropical flora as well as fauna…exhale slowly. You’ve arrived in Tulum. The attraction to Tulum and the reason it has grown into such a popular destination on the Yucatan Peninsula lies not only in the story and culture of its neighboring Mayan ruins of the same name, but also in the powerful pull the sea and city have over visitors to visit.

Then, a Bit Of History

Tulum was the largest city to be built and lived in during the time of the Mayan people during the thirteenth and fifteenth century. It was a site of prayer to the Great Descending God whose image adorns the temples of the site. Tulum is also of significant importance in the world of sea trade especially for the trade of obsidian. Tribes from all across Mexico and various other Central American countries would travel there to conduct business. It’s said that the great wall that surrounds the city was built to guard it from jealous pirates and traders looking to steal the prime location to themselves.

Tulum Today

In the present, a number of structures remain spread across manicured grass and oceanside cliffs. The structures on the site are an evolution of architectural styles that showcase the growth of the area over the decades. If you’re looking for a relaxing vacation or the opportunity to immerse yourself in fascinating Mexican culture or Mayan time, Tulum is an epic trip destination. Below is our guide to getting the most out of your visit to Tulum. We hope you enjoy!

Where Are The Tulum Ruins?

The Tulum ruins are located on the eastern part of the Yucatan Peninsula, in the Mexican state of Quintana The state of Quintana. They lie in the heart of Riviera Maya on the Caribbean Sea. Tulum is approximately 45 minutes to the south and 45 minutes south of Playa del Carmen and 90 minutes south of Cancun by automobile.

The Tulum ruin remains are just a minutes’ drive away from the Tulum Pueblo, a town Tulum Pueblo which is often called “Tulum” and which is the place that many tourists opt to stay during their visit to the area.

When To Visit The Tulum Ruins

The tropical climate in Tulum is quite predictable and easy to make plans around. There’s not much of a temperature change throughout the year (the average temperature lingers between 83 and 83 degrees F) this is the rainy period of hurricanes that tourists must be aware of.

The Tulum ruin is open from 8:30 AM until 5:00 PM 7 days a week. As it is a popular tourist attraction it is busy with around 2,000 visitors every day. The best time of the day to visit the Mayan ruin is during the opening time. This is typically the prime time to explore with fewer crowds.

January through April

Great weather and ideal for hiking, but it also has the largest influx of tourists. If you are not one for crowds take a look at this.

May to October

The hottest, and the most rainy months of the calendar, however, there’s nevertheless, there is plenty of sun. Additionally, it is season for hurricanes, so be aware of the weather forecasts. Less tourists mean you will typically see lower rates at hotels, resorts, and tour companies during this period.

November – December

The winter months in the autumn are believed by many as being the most desirable times visiting Tulum. The season of hurricanes has finished by now, and the humidity is low. It is possible to be a little “chilly” on evenings.

January until April

The weather is perfect, however, it has the largest influx of tourists. If you are not a people person, consider this.

May to October

The hottest and wettest months of the year . However, there is nevertheless, there is plenty of sun. Also, this is time for hurricanes so keep an eye on the forecasts. There are fewer tourists, so it is normal to see discounts at hotels, resorts, and tour companies during this time.

November to December

The fall-winter months are regarded by many to be the most enjoyable times for a trip to Tulum. The hurricane season has passed at this point and the humidity is lower. The weather can be “chilly” during the night.

How To Get To Tulum Ruins

From Tulum Town

There are a variety of ways to go to the ruins starting at Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Akumal or Tulum town. The ruins can be found about 2.5 miles away from Tulum city center. approximately 45 minutes from Playa or around 1.5 hours from Cancun. Here are some excellent options to explore the ruins.

By Car

Renting a car might be the ideal option if you intend to explore the area a bit. At the Cancun International Airport, rent a car and head down the only highway southbound. It will take you through Playa del Carmen, Akumal and so on. Approximately 90 minutes later you’ll be in Tulum Town. If you will be spending the night in Tulum Town, be sure to check if your lodgings are in the Zona Hotelera (hotel zone) or Centro (town center) and your turn off will be on different sides of the road. There are signs for the ruins itself. are plentiful.

Visit a Museum

There are numerous excellent tours to visit the Tulum Ruins, which can be accessed from Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Tulum center. Many include visits to cenotes along with other exciting activities for the day.

By bicycle

Another option that is popular is to take a bicycle ride through the ruins, starting from local hotels. Exploring the area by bicycle is often recommended by locals since it offers you the opportunity to move to your destination at your own pace. You can rent a bike for about $8 US every day within Tulum town and explore the area at your leisure.

If you are staying by the beach, your bicycle rides may be longer so check distances with your hotel.
There is no way to ride inside the Tulum ruins site, but there are bike racks outside the gates.
In the summer months riding on a bike may be too hot. Save your energy for walking through the ruin.


If you’re interested in taking a taxi to the Tulum Ruins, they are everywhere in Tulum, Cancun & Playa del Carmen and will transport you directly to the ruin. Be sure to inquire about prices prior to taking the trip so you don’t end up paying too much. Taxis that run from Cancun or Playa del Carmen to Tulum are convenient , but quite expensive. Taxis in Tulum can be a simple way to get to the ruin, which is about 2.5 miles away from Tulum downtown. Mark them in the street or have your hotel call one to you.

Tips For Visiting Tulum

The Inside Info

There is so much things to see and do at Tulum. Here are some suggestions to make the most of your trip to Tulum’s ruins.

Put on cool, comfortable clothes

The wrong attire to the ruin can ruin your day (pun not intended). It is recommended to wear loose-fitting, light-colored clothing that is comfortable. You’re likely to sweat when you stroll around the ruin in the scorching Mexican sun. Also, make sure you wear comfortable trainers enabling you to stroll around the site. Some visitors come in their swimming suits as they head straight to the beach after viewing the ruin.

Bring plenty of water

It is possible to visit the ruins when temperatures in Tulum are at or close to their highest. The climate in Tulum’s Yucatan Peninsula is hot and can zap the air of moisture. Take a large bottle water along with you to sip when you visit the ruin to keep hydrated in the hot sun. There isn’t much shade from the hot sun in the area of the ruin.

Bring Your Swimsuit

The beach is located within the ruins , and admission to the site allows you to enjoy a swim in the sea. Tourists who are aware have their swimsuits on and jump into the cooling waters after exploring the ruin sites. It generally takes between 45 minutes to an hour to view the ruin. The addition of a dip in the ocean during your tour can lengthen the trip and make it more enjoyable.

Tickets can only be purchased on the Information Booth

After arriving at the Tulum Mayan ruin there are individuals selling tickets away from the site. Do not be fooled as these tickets aren’t authentic passes to access the Tulum ruins. You must purchase tickets through the gate.

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Tulum is a remarkable place in the Mexican Caribbean The magic of Tulum lies not just in the story of the ruins, but the energetic pull the city and the ocean exert over visitors who visit. Here’s our guide for the very best of Tulum!