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Why A Scottish Lodge Holiday Should Be On Your Bucket List

Whether whisking that special someone away for a romantic break or planning an adventure vacation with your family, a log cabin that is self-catering is the best opportunity to experience Scotland’s distinctive beauty while relaxing in an enviable luxurious accommodation.

Our log cabins make the perfect base to explore some of Scotland’s most breath-taking landscapes and thrilling activities. you retire to your cosy home in the evening to enjoy the sunset and relax in your very own hot tub.

Scotland is not just renowned for its beauty, but it is also the perfect location for you to explore outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, or extreme sports like white water rafting or bungee jumping. river rafting.

So whether you’re curling up in your cozy accommodation during those cold, crisp winter evenings, or relaxing on your veranda and enjoying the long, languid summer evening’s log cabin holidays are fantastic for all-year getaways.

Choosing where to stay during the holidays of a family or getaway with friends can be a frustrating exercise. Finding a balance between budgets and preferences is an absolute nightmare. It is possible that we are partial, but we believe that self-catering accommodations have significant advantages when compared to staying in the comfort of a hotel.

Home From Home

When you travel with friends, family members or children with food restrictions, selecting the self-catering option lets you to cook what you’d like at any time that you want. This means that if you’d like breakfast in the middle of the day, you’re invited to it! Our lodges are equipped with modern kitchens. This means that you can choose the food items, portions or cooking methods should you need to. You can follow your routine, or go off in any way you want! If you’re expecting, you can prepare and store food for your baby for when your child is ready to eat it. For those who live with their furry companions Pet-friendly cottages have food bowls and doggy treats, so there’s no need to bring your own.


You can come and go as you please and set your own holiday timetable. You can relax or a very active break. You aren’t restricted to designated meal times , which means that you can take your breakfast when it best suits your needs, whether you’re an early bird or a morning person. If you want to have the luxury of a sleepover and sleep in, you can! The appeal of a home catering holiday is that you can go at your own pace.

Value For Money

When booking Scotland lodge holidays generally, it is able to be more cost effective than a hotel, especially when you travel as with a group or as a family. Our lodges come with two bedrooms which means you don’t need to pay for several individual rooms like you would with the case of a hotel. Possibilities to do your own shopping and to cook your own meals guarantees that you will be able to make your trip extremely economical. While eating out does have its advantages, it’s expensive to dine at restaurants every evening. Going to local shops and cooking your meals in the comfort of your own self catering property can help reduce the cost of your vacation, while permitting you to fully enjoy your surroundings and the local cuisine. The laundry machine is available inside each cottage, which means you don’t have to spend money on dry-cleaning like you would in hotels and would definitely come in handy when you are planning to get messy exploring the outdoors.


Self-catering homes are generally larger as hotel accommodations, and so they’re ideal if you are travelling with friends or family. We all know that just because you are travelling with a group of friends doesn’t mean you need to be spending every minute of every day with them! Our cottages have a living/dining space that can be enjoyed by all together , and bedrooms that offer peace and privacy. If you want some fresh air , but not too far, take in the amazing views from the outside deck or at the communal fire pit. Every cottage has a large and heated kit house on the outside for all your gear – golf clubs, fishing rods or bicycles, snowboards, and snowboards. Also, when it comes to outdoor equipment and sports, it’s all stored in a secure spot next to your lodge.