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Why is a Morocco tour a good option?

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The border is between with the Atlantic Coast and the Mediterranean with a coastline that is stretched out as well as roaring canyons and even a hint of the Sahara Desert, there are diverse landscapes to discover. Here are the top 10 reasons to visit Morocco:

1. Old imperial cities that have plenty of character and history:

Morocco is home to four imperial cities: Marrakesh, Fez, Meknes and Rabat. Rabat is currently the capital city. While it appears to be a modern city on the surface however, it is home to many fascinating landmarks from the past, like Rabat’s Kasbah in the Ouadayas and the medina of the past as well as The Hassan Tower.

The former capital city of Fes is awash with stunning architecture, however it is most famous for its extensive tanneries, and also for having one of the oldest universities in the world.

Meknes is home to an stunning grand gates in Morocco, Bab el-Mansour. Carriages pulled by horses are an excellent method to tour the beautiful and relaxing imperial city.

2. Beautiful beaches that stretch along the coast:

Morocco has beaches that stretch along in the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. There are numerous beautiful beaches to unwind on. Popular tourist destinations for foreigners comprise Tangier and Agadir and Asilah. Asilah is popular with locals as well as Spanish tourists.

While they are not visited by many international visitors, destinations like El Jadida, Oualidia see substantial numbers of visitors from the country in the summer time.

The most popular beaches generally offer excellent facilities that are easily accessible Some beaches like Essaouira are ideal for those who love water sports.

Three mountain ranges that are diverse are a draw for those who love the outdoors:

The Morocco’s Atlas Mountains have three separate areas: The High Atlas, the Middle Atlas as well as The Anti Atlas. Each provides a wide range of hikes for those who have all kinds of experience and levels.

Jbel Toubkal is the country’s highest peak, which is located within the High Atlas Mountains. It is easily accessible from Marrakesh The soaring mountain is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts all year long.

Hiking, mountain biking and horse riding are just a few of the activities that people can take pleasure in during their time in the mountains of Morocco in addition to going to Berber villages, bird-spotting and observing wildlife in the area.

4 Access to the breathtaking Sahara Desert:

The vast and dry Sahara Desert is the world’s largest hot desert. There are a variety of locations in Morocco from which you can begin your journey to the desert, and there are many professional operators who can provide a Morocco tour that will be memorable.

Sahara desert tours are extremely popular. Take a look at the array of sparkling stars under the dark night sky, free of lights and enjoy the silence. The view of huge dunes and oases that are far away will remain for a long duration.

5 Cultural influences mixed coming from Arabs, Berbers, and Others:

The population of Morocco is comprised from both Arabs and Berbers as well as Berbers. Each group having contributed to the rich heritage and practices of culture which are observed in Morocco today. You can also expect to recognize influences from Andalusia as well, dating back to the time that Andalusian Muslims came from the region to North Africa.

There are also traces of the colonial times that include French, Portuguese, and Spanish influences being seen in various areas in the nation. Particularly fascinating for a predominantly Islamic country, there have also had influence from Jews from Morocco.

6. Gorgeous architecture across the nation:

The richness of culture in Morocco is apparent in the diverse architectural splendors which can be seen across the country. From magnificent Mosques to traditional Riads, and amazing palaces to stunning centers of religious studies, Morocco has many fabulous structures to be admired.

A number of buildings are decorated with traditional tilework, also known as Zellige in addition to ornamental carvings, wooden work and even plasterwork. The most stunning of Morocco’s structures are those of the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca and in the Saadian Tombs in Marrakesh, the Grand Mosque in Tangier.

7- Fantastic shopping in the lively souks:

The seventh reason we have on our top 10 reason list why you should visit Morocco is to shop in the lively souks. Each major town and city of Morocco is home to at minimum one souk and the majority of larger towns have several. Souks are the traditional markets where residents can purchase diverse goods.

In some regions where souks are set up, they can be at specific times of the week, whereas the market is held every day in other locations. Souks have become something of a magnet for shoppers tourists, drawn by captivating scents and colours, as well as the overall feeling of the exotic.

Things to look through and purchase include clothes, spices, lamps pianos, sets of tea and shisha pipes along with a variety of souvenirs from more popular locations.

8- Delicious and delicious food that will satisfy a variety of preferences:

Morocco is famous for its tasty food. There are plenty of spices in the common Moroccan home, and can add a lot of flavor to food. Bread is a common food item, and there are a variety of varieties including khubz semen and Bagheri to taste. Meat is a popular component in Moroccan dishes including lamb beef, mutton, along with chicken the more commonly used. Fish and seafood are abundant in coastal regions. Sardines are among the most popular in Morocco.

9- Variety of accommodations that will meet your preferences and budgets

From luxurious five-star hotels to rustic tented camping located in mountains Morocco trips offer hotel that will meet every budget, comfort level and the expectations of adventure. Travelers can enjoy traditional Moroccan accommodation, referred to in the region of Riads and Dars located in the historic medinas in many cities. It is an ideal opportunity to live life like an authentic local. For smaller properties there is a possibility to lease the entire place to guests for a stay.

10- Tolerance society with friendly people:

Morocco is known as among the more accommodating out of all the Arab nations. It is relatively secure tranquil, serene, and stable. Moroccan people have a lot to offer, in both Arabic and Berber are also renowned for their warm and welcoming hospitality as well as warmth and friendliness.

Tourists are likely to be met with astonishment in areas with only a few people, but they are usually greeted with enthusiastic waves, particularly from children and attempts to start an exchange. Since it was the former French colony French can be found in a wide range of spoken. In tourist destinations, English is commonly spoken.

Communication is usually not a problem for tourists. This is the last point in the list we made of 10 reasons to Travel to Morocco. Did we leave something out? Please let us know!